Peeping Dorm Manager: CG Collection Guide

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In the context of games, “CG” typically stands for “Computer Graphics.” However, in certain specific game genres, such as visual novels or dating sims, “CG” can refer to “Computer Graphics” as well as “Character Graphics,” which are illustrations or images of characters used in the game. These CGs are often obtained as rewards or achievements within the game.

Peeping Dorm Manager – CG Helping Guide

How to Get Various CGs (with Spoilers)

  • 1-4 – Buy the slick floor ability and wait for glasses girl to trip. Don’t sex her.
  • 1-5 – Buy the trapped washing machine ability and trap it before glasses girl does laundry.
  • 3-1 – Making glasses girl your plaything and buying the sex on the stairwell ability from the club. Place a sticky coin on the stairs and wait for glasses girl, by skipping time. When she appears, you will now have the ability to have sex with her.
  • 3-2 – ******** the girl in the lounge as your playthings.
  • 3-4 – Buying the ability to **** her in the trapped laundry machine.
  • 3-6 – Buy the sex in the bathroom ability. After glasses girl is your plaything, wait for her in her bathroom.
  • 4-1 – Make glasses girl your plaything. Wait for her to do laundry. Talk to her and sex her up.
  • 4-4 – In the lounge: sex mirai (Ai-chan) when she is on the couch.
  • 4-5 – Place a trick coin on the stairs. Wait for streamer girl to try and pick it up and take a photo.
  • 4-6 – Buy the slick floor ability and wait for streamer girl to trip. Don’t sex her.
  • 5-1 – When she’s stuck in the washing machine and you just click “Enjoy it”.
  • 5-2 – Making streamer girl your plaything, then buying the **** in shower ability from the club.
  • 5-4 – The teddy bear. Set the aroma device to love and the time to night and watch from the camera or be in the bear.
  • 6-4 – Buy the sex on the stairs ability. Place a fake coin down and wait for streamer girl.
  • 6-5 – ******** the girl in the lounge as your playthings.
  • 6-6 – Making the floor slick and ******** her passed out on the floor.
  • 8-5 – Buying the golden **** at the club and talking to the purple haired chick in the drama club.
  • Last CG – Buy the dog translator and go to the park during the day.

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