Peeping Dorm Manager Door Code – Mirai Clue Guide

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After first meeting Mirai and discovering her streaming channel on “18live,” I began regularly tuning in to her broadcasts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. I made sure to engage with the highlighted elements during her streams to stay involved.

Peeping Dorm Manager Door Code

If you’ve played the recycling minigame, you might have noticed that there’s a spare key under the doormat for room 2-C, which can be accessed at any time.

To uncover Mirai’s room passcode, I interacted with a delivery man outside her room on Wednesday mornings to learn the last digits of her phone number, which are 420. Using the key for 2-C, I peeked through a drilled hole and discovered her true bust size is 85cm, which led me to the passcode 85420.

Once inside her room, I set up cameras for further observation and interacted with her belongings for additional insights. Through web searches and overhearing her humming a tune, I discovered her connection to a drug website and a new individual.

Interact with Meshu Dan at the park, where you can trade $200 for a necklace and a backstory involving Kenmo at the nightclub. Kenmo provides hacking software for Mirai’s computer.

Use the software to explore Mirai’s communications and reveal her schemes against you. Counter her moves by manipulating the room’s diffuser with particular scents.

To enhance her provocative nature, engage with her on multiple occasions, adapting your strategies as her demeanor evolves. Succeeding in these encounters results in intimate moments in different settings, increasing in intensity and culminating in a live-streamed event.

Mirai Door Code

  • Gain access to 2-C.
  • There is no drill. Once you get the key watch her next stream and she will mention that the wall next to her room is weak.
  • After that go into 2C and got to the bathroom area.
  • You’ll see now you can examine the wall and a hole will appear that you can interact with.
  • Just keep passing time till there is a pose that looks like she is undressing.
  • You can click on her and it will give you the info you need to get into her room.


  • The code is 85240.

Bonus Tip

To get the key of 2-c room you need to play the garbage/recycle game once. You’ll get a note once complete that will lead you to the key.