Portable Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner for Laptop – Review

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Okay guys today I’m going to do an unboxing for a portable vacuum cleaner so from the front of it you’ve seen that it has a strong suction it’s able to suck those dust on the keyboard into its sponge thing okay and here we see the keyboard dust cleaning and makeup baking powder cleaning and car rubbish cleaning so it can help you clean all kinds of dust and small particles.

So, I have taken all of it out of the box it has mainly three attachment and vacuum cleaner itself, so these are the three attachments first you need to twist it on to the vacuum like this and inside this attachment do you see there is a sponge it’s two to filter all those particles in the dust so now I’m going to twist it on, and it was about like 1.5 meters cable, and it’s USB powered soI’ve brought up my power bank and now plugging you can also power it up with your laptop or your PC power or USB charger.

Portable Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner for Laptop - Review

So now it’s first then let’s hear the sound of this vacuum cleaner, From the sound of it I assume it has good suction power okay so these two attachments they are used in different places I guess see there is a hole in the center, and these brushes are for you to loosen some dust, and the particles loosen up okay so first I’m going to test at this attachment see if it works very well okay I have some papers, okay and now I’m going to turn on the power.

Okay seems seems it works very well and I’m going to twist it open let’s see they’re all on the front of the filter sponge filter okay take it off and this time let’s test it whether you can suck all those T’s into the vacuum yeah please note the team are the tier amount is tremendous so lets see if this vacuum cleaner can take all these amounts of tea

Yes this time just as the last time it works very well with tea cleaning tea okay I’m going to okay wah wah wah wahI’m making a mess I should have dumped it into a rubbish bin, okay okay now we’ve tested this attachment will change to another nozzle so here we have some brushes that help us to loosen up those articles that have been on the keyboard for a long time here let’s see

Okay I forgot to show you something see now let’s take a close look at a filter the sponge filter is clean right not that clean but we didn’t understand but we don’t see any dust or particles on the filter after this keyboard cleaning would see it again especially see the crevices you have the brush at losing it happened with the brushes, and then the suction power will do the rest of the work

See the difference this section and these in this section the crevices of this section have been cleaned

Okay now we see this section has been cleaned in this section obviously the brushes are doing a great job in this part this kind of work okay especially if you want to dig out or dig up all those dust that’s that that that has been in those crevices for such a long time they are like greasy pasta that has very stick sticky to the keyboard, okay and now let’s take a look at a sponge filter first you see, now you can see those very-very tiny particles in the dust are sucked onto the filter and let’ stake a look at this part and this part obviously they’re different this is like a new keyboardist it’s like a very old keyboard that it’s covered with dust see the crevices the gaps that between those keyboards okay so these brought this attachment works very well withcrevices dust okay so I guess it’s it’sa very useful vacuum cleaner and it’sportable power it up with even powerbank so it’s very convenient to use thank you for reading and hope you it can help you clean up those nasty dozens