Powerbeats2 vs Jaybird x2

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After we last put the Powerbeats2 earphone in a cage match with the Bluebuds X, Jaybird has released a new pair of headphones. They are called the Jaybird X2s; you may have known of them before. Seeing as Beats has not refreshed their Powerbeats line just yet, we thought it\’d be good to know how the new Jaybirds stack up against the Powerbeats2.

Powerbeats2 vs Jaybird x2

These 2 are possibly the best workout headphones, and in the exploding market of workout headphones, these are thriving. We have put both the Powerbeats2 and the Jaybird X2s earphones through the ringer in the past, so if you want a further in-depth look at either one, check out those full reviews. If you are in the market for a pair of workout buds, you cannot go wrong either way here, but we will choose one anyway. Without further ado, the Powerbeats2 vs. Jaybird x2 showdown begins.

Powerbeats2 vs. Jaybird x2

Build Quality

When it comes down to getting a pair, most of this section will come down to preference. Do you prefer in-ears or clip-ons? Going beyond that, there are some real differences between the two. For one, the Jaybird X2s earphone comes with several different accessories to get the best fit possible. There are six different ear tips (3 of the memory foam) and various wing sizes, too, so the chances of you not finding the best fit are very slim. That said, the Powerbeats2 earphone bypass this issue by having a pretty flexible around the ear hook. It grips on to the ear, virtually remove the possibility of them falling out.

Both are made of lasting plastic, and both have a built-in control module/mic on the wire connecting the two buds. As the two leading headphones for sweat related activities, you would suppose that they are at least sweat-resistant, and you did be right. That said, the Powerbeats2 earphone does boast an IPX4 rating while Jaybird earphone offers a year of protection against sweat-related damage. Taking either one of these to the gym will not be a problem at all, assuming you do not do your workouts in a swimming pool. Even if you are not using them for exercise, both are cozy enough for daily music pleasure as well, but one has to win, right guys?

That rights. The IPX4 rating and secure over-ear design give the Powerbeats2 earphone a slight edge. Still, this depends on what you prefer since neither product has too many complaints regarding comfort.

Champion: Beats Powerbeats2


The Jaybird X2s use Bluetooth 2.1, which could be looked down upon by some, but versions after 2.1 do not have much to do with sound quality. In any case, Beats does not even specify the Bluetooth version in the Powerbeats2, so it is hard to use those specs as a reference. Instead, we will have to rely on our personal experience with each pair of buds. The Jaybird X2s did have a noticeable improvement over the previous generation, Bluebuds X, in that there was no skipping during playback. Not that the connection was terrible in the earlier version, but they are better in this new Jaybird X2s.

That said, the Powerbeats2 did not have that issue, to begin with, and still do not. The connection stays powerful with minimal skipping, just like the X2s. Both also claim the standard Bluetooth range of about 30 feet, which was pretty accurate in our testing. They also have similar playback options with volume controls, play and pause functionality, track skipping, and phone call answering all being one touch away on the control module. But again, one has to win, right?

That not right. This one is too close to call even for us.

Champion: Tie

Battery Life

Neither the Powerbeats2 nor the Jaybird X2s has what you would call “an amazing battery life,” so it puts them on a somewhat level playing ground. That said, chemistry and physics have teach us that the only way to make a battery last longer is to make it bigger, and we did much rather the small design. The Beats Powerbeats2 have a mediocre six-hour battery life but have a 15-minute quick charge feature that gets you an hour of playback time.

That could come in handy for those days when you forget to charge them. that is all well and good, but the Jaybird X2s earphone have 8-hour battery life. If given a choice, we always prefer a more extended battery; the winner here is clear.

Champion: Jaybird X2

Sound Quality

This is where several differences between the 2 begin to show. To get it out of the way, let\’s be clear that both sound great. The difference lies in their intended usage cases. The Powerbeats2 earphone is meant for and designed for athletes that are listening to music while training. Thus these do let some sound from the surroundings. You can see how this is a beneficial feature if someone tends to train in public areas where they would need to be aware of passing cars and other people. Beats also have a reputation for super-strong bass, and though the low end in the Powerbeats2 earphone is bass-heavy, it is not really to their detriment. If you prefer a powerful bass, these were meant for you; they are far from accurate but also far from terrible.

The Jaybird X2s are not exactly accurate either, but they are bassy to a lower extent than the Powerbeats2 earphone. The low-end is there and defined, but these are not going to embellish any of your favorite songs with a soft layer of a low-end boom like the Powerbeats2. If you want bass but are not interested in any excess, then these might be for you. On top of that, these are not designed to let ambient noise in; they even come with new memory foam tips to assist get a improve seal for stronger noise isolation. Again, this is not necessarily better than the Powerbeats2, just different. The Jaybird X2s also have a slightly clearer and less crowded mid-range than the Powerbeats2 earphone. Not for long, but enough to make us lean in the direction of the Jaybirds earphone to take the prize in this category.

Champion: Jaybird X2


If/when new Powerbeats get released, it will be fun to see if this comparison changes, but for now, it seems that the enhancements Jaybird earphone made have again given it the edge over the Beats Powerbeats2 earphone. It seems like it was mentioned a million times already, but one more to drive the point; this could go either way depending on your preferences. These buds are similar enough to be compared but different enough to target several different types of people. To quote a line from the last versus we did between these two companies, “While one of these pairs of earphones must certainly lose, we all win.”

Overall Champion: Jaybird X2