How to Program an RCA Remote

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How to Program an RCA Remote – Programming an RCA universal remote control using the automatic code search method is simpler than it seems, and although it may take several attempts to achieve it effectively, the time spent will be very profitable to control our TV, DVD, Blu-Ray and other appliances with a single control. Do you want to try?

How to Program an RCA Remote


How to Program an RCA Remote

You will need to:

  • RCA universal remote control


Steps to follow:

  1. Turned on manually the device you want to program. In this article, we will explain the step by step using as an example a TV, but do not forget that it is also possible to program your DVD or Blu-Ray.
  2. Press the TV button (DVD or Blu-Ray) of your universal RCA control and leave it pressed for 5 seconds. Without releasing it, press the POWER button or power button with your free hand for approximately 15 seconds. At that moment a light will be lit on the ON-OFF button that will stay lit. When that happens you can stop pressing both buttons.
  3. Press and release the PLAY button until your TV turns off. If it does not respond after five seconds by pressing PLAY, it continues to do so every five seconds until the component shuts down.
  4. Press and release the REVERSE button for two or three seconds until your TV turns on. If it does not work the first time, you can try it several times always waiting a couple of seconds for each opportunity.
  5. If everything has worked perfectly, then press and release the STOP button to save the new code. Ready! You have already managed to program your RCA universal control successfully.


Tips (How to Program an RCA Remote)

  • Each time you press the PLAY button in step 5, the ON-OFF button flashes ten times, and a list of 10 codes is sent to your component. This process continues until all code lists have been searched. If the component has not been turned off after all codes have been searched, the ON-OFF button indicator turns off four times, and the Automatic Code Search is exited.
  • If you do not press the STOP button at the end, the new code will not be saved.

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