PUBG: How to Enable Crossplay and Play with Friends on PS4 and Xbox One

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PlayerUnknown\’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) allows you to play online with both Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One users at the same time. The Battle Royale supports the call crossplay between the islands, but the PC does not have the function. Remember that to play with players from other platforms, all participants must have a copy of PUBG installed and also be able to participate in multiplayer on PSN or Xbox Live. Here\’s how to enable crossplay and play PUBG with friends on PS4 and Xbox One.

PUBG: How to Enable Crossplay and Play with Friends on PS4 and Xbox One

Before starting, it is worth noting that the procedure taught in this tutorial was performed on PS4, but it is exactly the same for Xbox One. That is, the tip works for any of the editions, as long as the game is up to date.


How to enable crossplay in PUBG

Step 1. In the game\’s home menu, press the “Options” button on PS4, or the Xbox One menu button;

Step 2. Choose the option “Settings”;

Step 3. Then select “Gameplay”;

Step 4. In the “Cross-platform game” option, check “Activate” and press “X” on PS4, or “A” on Xbox One to apply the change.

The most common is that this option has already been activated “from the factory” since the most recent PUBG updates. However, if not, just perform the step by step above.

In addition, within matches, the game will distinguish which platform other people are playing on, with small icons next to their names: a PS in the case of PlayStation and a controller in the case of Xbox One, as shown in the detail of the above image.