10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Android Phone

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Android, iOS, and Windows are currently dominating the smartphone era. But, if we talk about, which is the most effective and favorite OS for a smartphone with all the user-friendly features then simply android wins the race without any challenger even near to it. Around 75% of users on earth are using Android as their smartphone operating system. While the majority of the remaining 25% use IOS.


Reasons Why You Should Buy An Android Phone

Why Is Android Better? Why You Should Consider An Android Phone. Here are 10 reasons to consider android Phone.

#1. Customization

Android allows you to makeover your phone completely and adds your personal touch to your phone. Customization is not limited to only wallpaper or themes, but you can change your whole interface. No other Operating System gives you this freedom.

#2. Apps Availability

Android runs on apps and there are over 1 million apps available. These apps assist you under every niche like gaming, customization, security, entertainment, knowledge and a lot more. iOS is the only other Operating system that has a similar app count.

#3. Android Launchers

If you are not a mobile expert or don’t have enough time to root your device then Android provides you the launcher facility which makes your life easier like never before. The launchers also give your phone a new look. Check out List of Top 10 Best Android Launchers.

#4. Google Apps

Google’s popularity has made it the synonym of the internet. As Android is a Google product all the apps launched by Google like Drive, Plus, Maps and more are available for free to you. Another operating system may charge you for using similar apps, which may not even be as good.

#5. Price

For the price, purely comparing the hardware from one phone to another, Android tends to be the cheaper alternative to Windows OS and especially iOS. You will more feature Android phone at cheapest price.

#6. USB Support

Most of the Android phones allow you to use your phone as a flash drive when you connect it with a PC or laptop. You can easily move your files and folders with this facility. This facility is much more difficult to do in iOS and Windows OS.

#7. Open Source Nature

Being open source in nature, Android allows you to install and use the custom ROMS. These custom ROMS helps you by giving you more access and options to make your phone more personalized for you.

#8. Split-Screen

If you want to use two or more apps on the single screen then Android is the right Operating System for you. This feature allows for super-easy multi-tasking. Though, this feature has been made available by Windows also but for upper models only and iOS doesn’t support this feature at all.

#9. Battery Life

The most common problem with smart phones is battery drainage. Android devices have many apps available to save your battery. Also, the battery performance is far better comparing to iOS and Windows OS.

#10. Social Access

If you’re using iOS then you’ll have very limited access to social media platform due to security reasons and in Windows, you need to synchronize all your accounts with Microsoft account whether you want it or not. But, in Android devices, there is no such compulsion and you can use any social media platform without any restrictions.