Restoring Huawei Quickly and Easily

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There are several reasons why you can consider how to restore a Huawei. Sometimes you can do it to continue using it. Perhaps because you have made an abuse of use and you have so many elements, applications and files downloaded that it no longer performs as it should. But you can also restore Huawei for other reasons. For example, because you have thought about acquiring a superior smartphone and you are going to sell your current terminal. Or because you want to reset Huawei to pass it to another person, for example for your child.

Restoring Huawei Quickly and Easily

Anyway, restoring Huawei is very simple. Even without losing your data. In fact, there are different ways to do it. There may be slight differences on how to restore Huawei to other Android phones depending on the specific model of mobile phone you have. If you have previously restored other Android smartphones from other brands basically the procedure is the same. There is hardly any difference between restoring Huawei or doing it with a Samsung mobile or a Xiaomi mobile phone. Only, Huawei gives you three interesting options to decide how to do it.

Top reasons to restore Huawei

You want to transfer your Huawei phone to your son, nephew or grandson

You may be tired of looking for a children’s mobile phone. Or you prefer to buy yourself a new one and leave the old one for him. It is a good reason to restore Huawei and restore it as it has just left the factory. The child will not have access to your data, usage history or other issues that may affect your privacy. And you can customize it as you wish. Or you can even do it by putting the parental filters you decide.

It is an interesting option to save money. But also consider other issues. For example, the size of the terminal is suitable for the size of the user’s hand. And that you find it manageable if you are going to use it outside the home.

You are going to sell your mobile second hand

With the good value for money that smartphones have today, it is difficult for you to take advantage of them. It pays more to buy a new cheap smartphone than second-hand. Especially now that people know that Chinese mobile phones are good. And that there are Xiaomi phones for less than 200 euros with high-end smartphone benefits.

But it is understandable that you want to try. In this case, factory reset Huawei is essential to protect your privacy. No one can access your accounts, browsing history, passwords or files, among other critical data.

You want to restore Huawei because it gives you operational problems

Some malfunctions of mobile phones disappear when factory reset. If you are desperate do not complicate your life. You can save the data and factory reset Huawei in a few minutes. It is worth a try. In many cases it is the solution. You will only need a few minutes.

And you may save good money. Surely you have many ideas of how you could use it. Maybe it will be good for you to change the television. Or to buy you a new cheap laptop.

You are going to buy a new mobile

And before you get rid of the previous one, you want to keep the privacy of your data, files and browsing history. You are going to get rid of it or you are going to leave it stored in a drawer.


What to do before restoring Huawei

That restoring Huawei is easy does not mean that it is not necessary to take some previous measures. These are key to saving your data. And it will only take you a few more minutes.

Ideally, before you reset Huawei, remove the memory card that it may have. Keep the micro SD card with your files safely. You can even dump into it some files that you save in the internal memory of your computer. That way you won’t lose them.

How to restore Huawei step by step

Enter the Settings to reset Huawei

The first step to restore Huawei is to access Settings. You can do it directly from the menu. Or by clicking on the classic cogwheel icon. It is indifferent, as it is easier for you.

Once you click, a new menu will open. This offers you different options of choice. Among them you will find a so-called “Reset”. It’s at the bottom of the menu, almost among the last options.

Choose the type of smartphone restoration you want

Huawei offers you three options to restore your phone that are not available on Android phones of all brands. And it allows you to choose whether you want to reset Huawei brand or make less aggressive partial restorations. So you must know well what each of them implies before deciding. If you keep reading we will tell you what each of them entails.

By clicking on Reset you will have access to these three different options, which will open in a new menu. They are:

  • Reset all settings.
  • Restore or reset network settings.
  • Reset phone.

To restore Huawei you just have to click on the option chosen. And then, on the screen that opens, you will see Reset . You will also see information about what it means to choose that specific option. If you agree, you must click there to confirm the action . And that simple, it would be restored.

The three options to restore Huawei and what each one implies

As we have said, when resetting Huawei the terminal proposes three different restoration options. But what does it mean to choose each of them? Knowing it is essential so you don’t get upset. And get exactly what you want.

Reset all settings

It is a very fast and less aggressive step of the three. It is suitable, for example, if you have malfunctioned and think it is because it collapses with as much data as it has. But it is not appropriate if what you want is to pass the terminal to another user.

Choosing this option means deleting all network settings. This also includes fingerprints and facial access data. It will also erase the password from the lock screen. But it has an important advantage. And it will not erase your data or your documents, which will save time by avoiding having to make backup copies. And also by not having to re-insert them back into the device.

But if you have time and storage peripherals, choose other options to restore more complete Huawei. It is generally advisable to make backup copies of everything to save on a flash drive or an external hard drive. Or on a memory card.

In addition, this is not a valid option if you are not going to continue using the mobile phone after its restoration. Whoever used it would have access to this non-erased data. So it is very important that you keep in mind and do not get carried away just for a matter of comfort or time savings.

Reset network settings

It is the appropriate option if you have connectivity problems with your mobile. The reason is that choosing this option will erase WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth. So it is an option that is very interesting in that case.

In addition, you will keep important data for you. And that saves you considerable time. And it is you will keep the login passwords, which is also key to not having to decide and memorize new passwords. You will also keep the biometric data to access to use your mobile device, very comfortable. And you will not lose your documents and mobile data that you want to keep, without the need to make backup copies for it.

This implies that it is not an appropriate option if the mobile phone is going to stop being your possession. You would not protect your privacy or your data. So keep that in mind when deciding on this option or not.

Reset phone

Choosing this option is equivalent to factory reset Huawei. It is appropriate if what you want is to restore Huawei so that your phone remains as it was the day you bought it. It is the right solution if you are going to pass this device to another user. Also if you have significant operational problems and want to check if they are solved, something that actually happens in many cases.

Although if you are going to continue using it you must be clear that you will have to reconfigure all the options. Something that you should evaluate, but that may be worthwhile if it solves a problem of operation since the device will be like new.

You see, restoring Huawei is very simple. And it is useful if you are going to stop using this mobile. But also if you want to continue using it normally. And a good performance. It won’t take you long, and it’s not complicated.

If you are reading this information on the same device that you want to reset, write down the steps to take. Or open this same page on other devices, be it a tablet, a mobile or a computer. It will guide you through the process of restoring Huawei.