Review EaseuUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

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EaseuUS is an experienced company in software development, they are in the market for 13 years. One of the company’s most successful programs is the EaseuUS Data Recovery Wizard. This software is one of the best in the market to recover data that was deleted accidentally or when you formatted your computer. The version of the Data Recovery Wizard that will be analyzed is the latest version, which in this case is 11.9.

Review EaseuUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

The most data recovery software is not available in Portuguese, but this is not the case for the Data Recovery Wizard. Some versions ago, support was implemented for several languages and one of them is Portuguese. This is the first positive point of the Program.


Version for each type of need

EaseuUS currently maintains three versions of the Data Recovery Wizard, a basic and advanced one for personal use and another for technical use. The two versions aimed at maintaining only one computer (Pro and Pro + WinPE) are very similar. The only major difference is that the Pro + WinPE version has the “Emergency boot media” mode, this option is used to recover data from the hard disk if the operating system crashes or does not start. The company also offers a version developed especially for those who provide technical services. This version is the most expensive because it allows the professional to use the Data Recovery Wizard to recover files from other computers. The highest value is because of the technical license, no tool is added.


Price list:

Pro Version: R $ 69.95
Pro + WinPE Version: R $ 99.90
Version with technical license (Technician): R $ 499.00


Home screen and design simplicity

Another good thing about this program is the simplicity of the home screen. Generally, programs from this niche have full design of unnecessary things and they will generally never be used, but Data Recovery Wizard is, on the contrary, the simple and objective screen shows exactly what the user needs to know to recover their data.

In the initial screen of the software shows all the disks that you have in your personal computer, as you can see in the print. By clicking on any of your local disks, it will show all the files that were deleted from your computer in a simple way. In addition to simplicity in design, another thing that draws attention is the speed with which the program can recover the files. If it is specific files, in 20 seconds the restore will be done. The process may take a little longer if the recovery is from files on the entire hard drive.

In less than 1 minute, the Data Recovery Wizard has recovered almost all files from my computer at random. It recovered files that were deleted a long time ago, showing that regardless of the file’s deletion time, it will be recovered.


Specified search

Another very interesting option is the search for specific locations. To avoid getting looking for locations manually or even if you are not finding in the middle of all those files, you can specify where the files will be restored.


Deleted files in real time

Another thing that drew a lot of attention in this software is that it shows in real time how many files were found and the amount of MB. In more thorough scans, this will be critical, as well as being able to see which files are being recovered, you will know the size of these files.

When you start scanning, the software starts looking for deleted files without stopping, but that does not mean that they will all be automatically recovered. Most people will usually go after specific files and if this is your case, you just need to right-click on the file, doing this will appear the option to recover, now just set the folder it will look and ready, your file is recovered!


Data Recovery Wizard Professional Rating

We evaluated the program for 5 days and every day we tested it differently. We did complete disk recovery and individual recovery. In full the process was slower because of the amount of file, but nonetheless was very good performance, even better than the time of some niche competitors. The recovery of individual files was also very fast, as you can see in the previous print, we recovered a file of 36 GB and the program took only 20 minutes to restore.

Excellent performance, simple design, speed and translation for different countries. These qualities make the Data Recovery Wizard one of the most complete in the niche, and it is sure to get maximum marks in our analysis.