Review: HP M150 Gaming Mouse

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The combination of word gaming and cheap is a fun combination. However, often the two words cannot be combined properly. Because to be honest gaming devices are often not cheap. Although there are indeed some gaming devices that are priced cheaply. However, his abilities have not been able to satisfy me. Like the Alcatroz Airmouse that A while ago I tried. The mouse actually gives a good impression. Light weight, smooth wireless connection, attractive design. But, the gaming sensations on offer are mediocre. Moreover, build quality, far from good words. Yes, at a cost of only $2-3 we can’t expect anything more.

So, this time I will try mouse gaming at a cheap price.

Here’s a review of the HP M150 gaming mouse.


Review: HP M150 Gaming Mouse


My HP M150 is black with blue on some of its buttons. Other color options are also available, white with blue accents. Overall the mouse is made of plastic material with smooth matte paint. There is a glossy layer on the center and rim of the mouse.

Review : HP M150 Gaming Mouse

At the top of the mouse, we will find the left and right-click buttons, scroll wheel, DPI button, and two additional buttons on the left side.

On the back, we will find the writing of the cell phone coated in glossy paint.

Turning to the back we will find an optical sensor on the middle and some pads on the side. The pads are made of plastic so it is easy to scratch.

Review : HP M150 Gaming Mouse

On the cable, the cable provided feels thin with a length of about ± 1 m. There’s nothing special about the wires. The cable is permanently connected and cannot be removed. The slightly interesting part is the USB 2.0 head. His head has cell phone carvings and indentations on some parts of it. The design may be brought up to give the impression of “gaming”.

For its own size. For those of me who has a small hand size, this mouse has a large size. Moreover, I have previously become accustomed to smaller-sized mice.

I think the HP M150 feels sturdy in the hand, not slippery. This may be due to a fine layer of matte paint on the top and edges. The left and right-click buttons also have a good click sensation. However, this mouse has many drawbacks. The scroll wheel feels drag when moved. The additional buttons on the left also do not provide any functionality when playing the game. The DPI button in the middle also does not give the mouse any meaningful changes. Plus, there are no indicator lights that show DPI changes.

Until this review was written I did not find a mouse driver that could set additional buttons on the mouse.

In addition, due to the large size of the mouse. It’s possible that this mouse won’t be comfortable for those of you who are more familiar with a small mouse. For connectivity issues, I did not find a lag when using this mouse.



Hp M150 is not the right mouse if you are looking for a fun gaming experience. The additional buttons included do not provide additional functionality when playing games. The existing scroll wheel is also not smooth when used. When compared to the mouse I’ve reviewed so far, it’s probably the mouse that scroll wheel the most.

With everything, I don’t like the above. There are some things I actually like. First, build quality is quite good. I must admit beyond its unpleasant gaming function. With its price that 60ribuan HP M150 has a pretty good build quality. I don’t find pointy nooks, open crevices, or original painting.

Second, Interesting design. For this part, it actually depends heavily on each other’s tastes.

So, should this mouse be bought?

At a cost of $3, there’s not much we can expect from this mouse. I personally do not recommend this mouse if you want to experience a pleasant gaming experience. Likewise, if you just want to use this mouse for daily purposes such as browsing or typing. The reason that may still be usable if you want to buy this mouse is pretty good build quality and attractive design (in my opinion).

The rest, I don’t think there is.