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Video Call is a feature that allows us to communicate with each other through the video format directly. A feature that I’m sure many of us already use. I first got to know this feature through Yahoo Messenger and then switched to Skype. That’s what I used around 2007-2012 as possible.

Now, I use this feature more often on smartphones. Because it feels more practical and easy for me. I used to use my PC and then connect it to the Webcam. Then, slowly switch to a laptop and now to a smartphone—download short messaging apps like Line, Whatsapp, Google Allo, or similar apps. Do a little setup, and in an instant, we can use a video call.

Suppose you’re talking about webcams, even if the device sounds old. But, this device can still be found in 2017. In fact, it’s grown since I last used it in 2007-2012. Currently, even the quality of the video already exists that reaches 4K. This time, of course, I will not discuss the 4K Webcam. Because besides being expensive, I also feel like I don’t need the device yet.

This time I will discuss the entry-level Webcam from Logitech. Logitech C525, Here’s a review of the Logitech C525.

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On the front, we will find the main part of the camera in the center is complete with 720p HD writing and Autofocus. The microphone on the right is complete with the Logitech logo. As well as the indicator light on the left that will be red if it is already on. Most parts of the Webcam are made of black to gray plastic. Including a circle in the center of the camera is also made of plastic, only that the part is given a layer of paint that resembles metal.

Review : Logitech C525

Review : Logitech C525

The Logitech C525 is divided into three parts, the top as the main camera, the center as a support connector, the bottom as support. The three parts are connected by two hinges so they can be folded. This function can make the Webcam feel small and compact. So, it is easy to carry if we want to take a trip at some point.

The collapsible part also serves as a hook. In this section, there is a layer of rubber or rubber. So, we can install a webcam on a laptop screen or computer without worrying about blisters. The main part of the camera can also be rotated 360°.

Review : Logitech C525

The small details that I think are good in terms of design are the cable part and the USB head. The available cables look thick and are about 1 meter long. To complete it, Logitech adds velcro. So we can roll the cable if it feels like it’s too long. The USB head is coated in hard plastic, making it feel sturdy.

Webcam Quality

For webcam quality, I do not know the exact specifications of this Webcam. But, from what I read. Logitech C525 has the ability to produce 8-megapixel photos and videos with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The Webcam also comes with AutofocusAutofocus and built-in mic features.

For the results themselves, in my opinion, the results displayed are quite good if used in a fairly light state. However, the image quality will decrease if the light is lacking. So is its autofocus feature. The AutofocusAutofocus feels slow if we’re in a room that lacks light.

In addition, even on paper, this Webcam can produce 8-megapixel photos and 720p video. But, the video results, in my opinion, are slightly better when compared to the photos. One thing that exceeded my expectations was the quality of the mic. The mic can record sound quite clearly, in my opinion, with our distance record with Webcam no more than 50 cm.


Logitech C525, in my opinion, has qualified as a good Webcam. Installation is easy, images are clear, and sounds can be heard well with a price range of 500-600 thousand. Logitech provides 720p recording capabilities as well as AutofocusAutofocus. A quality that I think is enough for us to use video calls via Skype or other applications. The resulting frame rate has also been fairly decent, 30 fps. With its capabilities, Webcam also feels like it can be an alternative camera for those of us who want to create content on YouTube. For example, record our expressions when playing games or video reactions.

Even so, its 30 fps capability will decrease slightly if we record in less light rooms.

Then, is this Webcam better when compared to today’s smartphone cameras?

It’s not fair to compare these two devices at the same time. Because both have different functions. But, if the factor highlighted is the ability to make video calls. Therefore, it feels like no smartphone camera with the same price range has this good quality, especially on the microphone.

So, who is this product for?

For those of us who are used to using a PC or laptop and make the device for video calls. Or for those of us who previously already had a Webcam and wanted a little upgrade.

But, if we don’t fall into that category. More accustomed to using smartphones as a device to make video calls. Moreover, our smartphones feature the front camera as a mainstay feature. Therefore, it is not a wise choice if we want to buy this product. Because if your smartphone is Perfect Selfie, Expert Selfie, and other selfies. It is certain that the results will be much better than this Webcam.

So, adjust to our circumstances and needs.