Server Monitoring Service Recommendations for Free

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Server Monitoring Service Recommendations for Free – In contrast to using shared hosting or other online services. By using our VPS should proactively monitor the status of your own server. This is useful so that we know when there is a problem that happens as soon as possible and we could have responded with a solution. We learned how the quality of a provider’s uptime VPS from here as well.

My personal criteria are simple: free checking, 1 minute once because if too long so it is less accurate. In addition, the bonus features means. ???? And there are already a few services I rely on:


1. NIXStats:

Server Monitoring Service Recommendations for Free 1

While it can still be used for free. In addition, we can monitor your website uptime and IP addresses are also the most important is the monitoring of the status of the server itself. But keep in mind, in the free version you can only monitor 1 server only.


2. New Relic:

Server Monitoring Service Recommendations for Free

While the New Relic long time ago I use. In addition to showing how the use of the CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD, Network can also tell us the process where the largest resource consumption. Could even be added feature monitors the execution of PHP scripts, NodeJS, Ruby and others that will show which takes a long time or a large resource.


While this is indeed quite a 2 course which I write, in fact, there are others but its functionality on par so I cut down on its use actively. the reason, in case there are problems down or access later sent the same notification but from a different service. So I choose which is more quickly and accurately.