Setting Up Comcast Email on iPhone

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Setting Up Comcast Email on iPhone

Setting Up Comcast Email on iPhone


Hello, I just got the iPhone two days ago and am trying to set up my Comcast email, but having some difficulty. I’ve gone online and tried all the recommended steps, like incoming mail server “” and SMTP as “,” the server port at 995 and Use SSL on, and SMTP server at 589 eiyh SSL on.

But still I am not receiving emails and not only that, but it doesn’t show my other emails (I have it set to receive 50 most recent emails).

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!



Are you accessing the Comcast account from any other system? Comcast email accounts are POP, so if you access email from any other device before you try to connect from the iPhone, then only if you set the other device to leave the messages on the Comcast server would you see them from the iPhone. Otherwise, the messages are erased from the server and not accessible from any system other than the one to which they were downloaded (that’s how POP works).