How to Tame a Basilisk – ARK Aberration Guide

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How to Tame a Basilisk – The Basilisk is a killer that will stay under the ground as well as waits for the target to come along. They will normally be located within Component Loss and also The Back. Look at this tutorial: How to Tame a Basilisk. Lets do it!

How to Tame a Basilisk


How to tame Basilisk in ARK Aberration

Taming the Basilisk can be difficult however luckily you will not have to battle it. These are rapid aggressive animals so you’ll need to plan in advance. First off, you’ll need an abundant egg and to locate a Basilisk that is not assaulting anything or underground. From there, you have to drop the productive egg as well as get the Basilisk to consume it.

Since the animal is fast, you might wish to use various other animals to quickly get away such as a Raptor. No matter, you’re most likely to duplicate this step a couple of times yet make note that you’ll discover that Basilisk has a sluggish feeding time so you’re most likely to be waiting a bit before you’re able to provide it one more abundant egg.


You Need

Fertilize Egg – Rock Drake Egg


Video How to Tame a Basilisk