How to Tame a Bulbdog – ARK Aberration Guide

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How to Tame a Bulbdog – If you have hung around with the new Aberration expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved, you have possibly seen greater than a couple of Bulbdogs straying around the mushroom forest currently. They are cute as well as unseemly, but if you were to tame one of these beasts, you would discover it, in fact, proves to be a solid personal companion for checking out the brand-new map.

So exactly how do you tame a Bulbdog of your own, and also how precisely does it help you out in the new ARK: Aberration expansion? Let’s dive in!

How to Tame a Bulbdog


How to Tame a Bulbdog in ARK Aberration

Bulbdogs are passive tames, which indicates you have to follow them around and also feed them till they are friendly sufficient to follow you around in turn. To do this, you just placed food in your last hotbar port, as well as use it when the subjugating punctual shows up while taking a look at the animal.

These charming angler-fish-dog-things mostly eat meat. However, there are choose kinds of plant issue they agree to devour on. They will consume specific types of seeds, for instance, yet just what they truly love are Aquatic Mushrooms. Those are discovered merely by gathering at mushroom patches on the Aberration map.

You can choose to make the taming procedure less complicated by constructing a little framework around the animal, yet it might be more trouble compared to it deserves unless there are dangerous creatures around. Conversely, you could take a flying place as well as drop it right into a pen, however by the time you have something that can fly; you must preferably have one of these anyhow. As well as why is that? Look at this…


Why You Should Tame a Bulbdog in ARK Aberration

The Bulbdog might not be all that enormous, but its light-emitting light bulb has interesting impacts that aid with traversing the new map. It needs a charge from animals like Glowbugs to utilize the light. However, it is well worth it when you are exploring the weird Bioluminescence area.

The light repels the Nameless creature, which spawns the Reaper King if they take care of to swarm you. They will certainly abound you, as well, if you do not bring a lit-up Bulbdog, so make sure you have one of bulbdog on your shoulder. Besides, a Reaper King is honestly not something you want to take care of unprepared.

Outside of the Bioluminescence location, the light has the chance of drawing in various other tiny creatures. This one-of-a-kind Bulbdog is a useful creature to keep around. You would indeed be afraid to be without one by your side on your journeys in Aberration.