How to Tame a Featherlight – ARK Aberration Guide

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How to Tame a Featherlight – The featherlight can be found in either The Spine or the Lost Roads.


Seeds or Mushrooms


How to Tame a Featherlight

Taming the featherlight is pretty preferred, but it does come with some of its very own problems. For starters, the featherlight can fly away. Likewise, you can locate that the creature is located in an as a substitute opposed environment. Due to this, not simplest are you at risk of being killed but so is the featherlight you’re seeking to tame.

As a result, gamers should attempt to create a surrounding for it and trap the creature internal. If you control to create a wall around it in conjunction with a door, you can effortlessly feed the featherlight to tame it. Furthermore, with this shape securing the animal, you’ll keep it far away from another adverse risk around the location.

Of route, there are other approaches to securing creatures, so if you opt for, go along with your own strategies which include grappling the featherlight.