How to Tame a Reaper – ARK Aberration Guide

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How to Tame a Reaper – The Reaper King and Reaper Queen are horrifyingly strange creatures discovered in the new Aberration expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved. These huge monsters only show up when called by Nameless humanoid creatures, and they have nasty attacks that are hard for unprepared Survivors to deal with.

You may think to tame one of these fascinating creatures for yourself, but it turns out that they are not so easily fooled. Wild ones cannot be tamed at all, and they do not lay eggs, either, which makes growing a baby Reaper a little hard — unless you are willing to go through a bit of hell, that is.

The Reaper Queen has an unusually nasty attack where she uses her tail to impregnate the Survivor with Reaper Queen larva. When you could kill that parasite by endangering yourself with radiation, you also have the choice to keep and gain it at risk to your wellbeing.

So how do you find a Reaper Queen and coax her to impregnate you? Moreover, how do you grow and tame the baby Reaper after that? Okay, Let’s dive in!

How to Tame a Reaper
How to Tame a Reaper


Guide: Reaper Queen Location and How to Get Impregnated in ARK Aberration

Reaper Queens have a possibility of spawning to the call of an Alpha Nameless while ten or more Nameless surround you. The Nameless monsters pop out of the ground to attack you if you draw near and typically dwell in the areas behind the Spine.

They have a chance of spawning a Reaper King, too, but that is not what you are looking for. If he does spawn, kill him to get another chance at the Reaper Queen. The Alpha Nameless should call another after a while.

After she has arrived, you need to get her down to low health without killing her. Once she is all beat up, just take a Riot Shield and step up to her, letting her slap you until she impregnates you and runs away.


How to Raise and Tame a Baby Reaper in ARK Aberration

You are probably going to want to chase after the Reaper Queen and kill it. Looting its corpse offers up valuable Reaper Pheromone Glands, which you will need to survive the birthing process and to be convinced the baby Reaper trust you when it was born. In fact, you will probably want to farm a few of these.

When in gestation, any XP you earn won’t count for you. Instead, the baby Reaper absorbs it all, using it to rise stronger and boost it is stat potential. It may be the best idea to farm XP during this time if you are looking for a reliable Reaper. While gestation ends, the baby Reaper will burst out of your abdomen and kill you if you do not have the buff from Reaper Pheromone Glands activated.

Do not approach this baby without the Pheromone Glands, either, because it will not hesitate to attack you on sight. It is recommended that you keep it locked in a cage until it is thoroughly imprinted and turned into its Juvenile stage because it will not listen to your whistles or your commands. Additionally, you must be quick about imprinting. If you do not imprint on the baby Reaper in time, not even the Pheromone Glands will save you from it. It will attack you again all the same.

As a carnivore, they will need Raw Meat to grow big and strong, so make sure you feed them plenty of it. Remember, Prime Meat and Mutton goes further, but I would not fuss too much about it. Only feed them whatever meat you have on hand, and they will grow up just fine.

Now, you can positively tame the wilds of Aberration with your very own Reaper, Good Luck.