How to Tame a Rock Drake – ARK Aberration Guide

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How to Tame a Rock Drake – The Rock Drake is a crazy brand-new creature in the Aberration development for ARK: Survival Evolved. It could climb, it could move, and also it can camouflage itself and its rider. With the craggy landscape of Aberration, this is the ideal well-rounded place for getting around as well as remaining risk-free.

Nonetheless, this creature is hard to tame. You cannot also tame wild ones; you need to preferably steal a Rock Drake egg and even hatch it, similar to Wyverns in Scorched Planet, however with their twist.

In this guide, we will go over whatever from discovering an ideal Rock Drake egg to nurturing and hatching it to elevating and also feeding the child till it prepares to be saddled and ridden. It is an extensive procedure. However, it is well worth it. Allow’s dive in!

How to Tame a Rock Drake
Rock Drake – Ark Aberration


How to Tame a Rock Drake

Rock Drake Egg Locations in ARK Aberration

Rock Drake eggs are located in an instead dangerous area on the map, so before you also attempt to snag one, you need to see to it you are prepared. Radiation is a primary concern, which indicates you will require a Threat Suit to take care of the atmosphere. That engram will not even unlock till you are around level 60, so hold your horses and bide your time as opposed to risking your life trying to snag an egg.

As soon as you are furnished with a Danger Suit, head to around 56/57 on the map, and also you will find an abyss with glowing pink eggs scattered along the high cliff walls. These are the Rock Drake eggs you are looking for. Directly get hold of an egg that’s around the degree you want and also jet out of there before the angry mommy Rock Drake look precisely what you have done.


How to Incubate and Hatch a Rock Drake Egg in ARK Aberration

How to Tame a Rock Drake – Once you as well as your Rock Drake egg are safely back at base, it is time to nurture it so it could hatch out. As opposed to calling for a warm environment to nurture in, nonetheless, Rock Drakes require a cooler atmosphere. The most effective way to succeed this is to produce a square of Air Conditioners all blowing up cool air into a 2×2 room.

The egg will require some time to breed in between all those ac systems, but the baby needs food when it hatches, so make sure to spend this time gathering it. Given that babies cannot eat solid meat, you will have to hunt down something a little bit much more unique.


Ways to Grow / Raise a Baby Rock Drake in ARK Aberration

How to Tame a Rock Drake – Infant Rock Drakes need an excellent helping of Nameless Poison to grow into adulthood. This is an unusual decrease found by eliminating the Nameless creatures that pop out of the ground and assault you. The amount you will require varies depending on your server setups but get about loads to be on the secure side. You can always go out and get more if you believe you will run out before the baby matures. Keep in mind that it can be stored in the Preserving Bin but not in the Refridgerator.

As Soon As the Rock Drake hatches, position some Nameless Poison in its supply. If it chooses not to consume initially, you can require feed it likewise to exactly how you can need feeding a child Wyvern. Then, merely provide it time, see to it it has plenty of room to expand, as well as keep it secure from harm as it gradually matures right into adulthood.

Once it finally ends up being a grown-up, you can slap a saddle on it and also ride around the map on your new, distressing Rock Drake. It could scale wall surfaces by merely walking up to them, slide by jumping from high cliff faces as well as high areas, as well as mask itself and also its cyclist by pressing the crouch switch.