The Best Micro SD Card

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Although there are many forms of practical file storage, one of the most widely used is SD memory. Buying an SD card has become a daily occurrence for many users because it is the best solution to expand the memory capacity of a smartphone. In addition, it can be connected to other devices directly or through a multi-card reader to view the files contained in it on a tablet, a smart TV, a laptop or other devices. Know how to find the best micro SD card For each mobile phone and type of user it will make it easier for you to find the right one for you.


What is the SD card and what is the micro SD card

SD cards and micro SD cards are a type of digital file storage device. These cards belong to the SD Association standard. They receive their name due to their small flattened card form. The SD standard has several card formats but the best known and used are the SD, the mini SD, and the micro SD.

The Best Micro SD Card

The SD card is used especially in digital cameras, cameras sports photo, and video cameras, among other devices. The micro SD card is especially used in smartphones, although it can be used in other devices.

The speed micro SD cards are good for its functionality, it is economical, its small format very practical and they have different storage capacities so that each user buys to buy the best micro SD card for him.

A 16Gb micro SD card is an interesting standard capacity for the average user but there is higher capacity. A 32Gb class 10 SD card is the most common today. And quality cards such as the Samsung 64GB micro SD card allow you to store heavier files in shape, for example, for thousands of standard quality photographs.


How to choose the best micro SD card for your smartphone

Why use a micro SD card for your smartphone

Currently, more and more smartphones are used not only to surf the internet and make phone calls. Take pictures, videos, save music… Sometimes it is not enough with the internal memory of the mobile phone because it fills and/or slows down the use of the smartphone. In these cases, the use of a micro SD card is the best storage solution.

In addition, a micro SD card allows you to then save the content on other devices if you wish, as backup copies. For example on an external hard drive or on a desktop computer. And also view this content directly on devices such as a barebone or an all-in-one among many others.

Occasionally you can use the SD card to save APPs. It is not the most frequent or recommended depending on the class of the card. Its preferred functionality is to store files. On the other hand, if it is suitable for class A1 cards, it is very practical.

Finding the best micro SD card for your mobile will allow you to get the most out of it. Keep in mind that not all are equal. Know them to choose the one for your smartphone.

Know the 3 most common classes of SD cards, basic to buy the best micro SD card for your mobile

  • Class 10 UHS1 SD card. This is one of the formats that offer the user a better relationship between speed and price for multimedia file storage on the mobile phone.
  • Class 10 UHS3. It is considered a superior class for multimedia files. What does this mean? It is especially recommended if we want to record good quality videos in 4K or 1080 formats at 60fps. If this is the use you want to give it, without a doubt the best micro SD card for you is the one belonging to this class.
  • Class A1 This new class of SD cards is relatively recent. They are suitable for the installation of applications (APPs) in the mobile, thus leaving free space in the internal memory of the smartphone. They have relatively little time in the market. The best micro SD card for this use is class A1. So if what you need is space for APPs this is the one for your mobile.

Check the compatibility of SD cards with your mobile to find the one for you

In theory, all micro SD cards are valid for all smartphones regardless of their brand and model; Huawei, Samsung, LG, Meizu, Xiaomi, etc… But the reality is not exactly like that. You will have to look at some details and take them into account to choose the best micro SD card for your mobile phone.

It is essential that you verify that your smartphone has support for this type of card. Yes, it’s that simple. And that necessary. The vast majority of smartphones on the market have it, but there are some high-end models that do not have this essential feature for the use of a micro SD card. If this is your case, you will have to do it without using them.

But it is rare. The usual thing is to have a smartphone that allows the use of micro SD cards.

Maximum capacity of SD and micro SD cards

Another fundamental point is to check the maximum capacity of the micro SD card that your smartphone can support. The best micro SD card is not always the one with the most storage capacity. In fact, some smartphones do not support cards with a capacity greater than 128Gb or 256Gb. It is essential that you check if it is the case of your mobile or it will not help you to buy an SD card of higher capacity.

This usually occurs in some old phones and in certain low-cost models. If this is your case, you already know that the best micro SD card for your mobile will be of lower capacity. But if you have no limitations in this regard, your options are expanded.

Storage capacity and writing speed, keys to choose the best micro SD card for your needs

The speed of writing a card is an important aspect, it is interesting that you consider it. It depends on this speed how long it takes to record the files and it is something that has a decisive influence on their use.

  • The Class 2 Card writes at speed 2 MB / second.
  • On the other hand, the Class 4 card writes at 4 MB / second.
  • The Class 6 card writes at 6 MB / second.
  • Class 8 card writes at 8 MB / second.
  • Class 10 card writes at 10 MB / second.
  • Class UHS-I U1 writes files at a minimum of 10 MB / second and a maximum of 104 MB / second.
  • Class UHS-I U3 writes files at a minimum of 30 MB / second and a maximum speed of 104 MB / second.
  • UHS-II U1 Class card minimum file write speed at 10 MB / second and maximum 312 MB / second.
  • Class UHS-II U3 file write speed minimum 10 MB / second and maximum 312 MB / second.
  • UHS-III class file write speed 624 MB / second.

Appropriate memory for your device

In addition to taking into account this writing speed, it is important that you consider what memory capacity. There are more suitable memories for your smartphone or for your tablet. If, as we have seen before, your smartphone does not put any limitations on you, the capacity depends only on your needs and requirements.

If what you want is only to store photographs or photographs and some very short videobuying a 32Gb class 10 SD card will be more than enough for you. But if what you want above all is to store a large amount of time of good quality videos (for example 4K ) it is preferable that you opt for higher capacity and a class that allows faster-writing speed.

The best micro SD card for APPs is, as we have seen, an A1 class. Storage capacity is important because it depends on whether or not you can save all the applications you want. If you make frequent and frequent use of several APPS or applications with demanding memory requirements, do not fall short when making your purchase. The best micro SD card for you will be a Class A1 high memory capacity.

Micro SD card brands, which are the best

There are different brands of micro SD cards that give excellent results and are therefore very popular. If you are looking for the best micro SD card for you, both Sandisk and SamsungToshiba or Kingston are excellent options. Micro SD cards SanDiskToshiba, and Kingston are very economical and have a fantastic value for money. For very little money you can have an excellent card for your mobile phone.

Samsung micro SD cards are top of the range and provide excellent results. Its price is slightly higher, but if you do not have a very tight budget and those who have the best micro SD card in the class and capacity that interests you, opting for a Samsung is an excellent purchase choice.

Rate these aspects and your needs to choose the best micro SD card for your mobile phone and your files.