What are the Differences between an LED and LCD panel?

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What are the Differences between a LED and LCD panel?

LED or LCD? This is the question that keeps coming back when we talk about a screen … Zoom in on the characteristics of each of these acronyms, and the mystery will soon be no more!

What are the Differences between an LED and LCD panel.

The LCD technology

The 3 letters literally mean “liquid crystal display”, to be understood: liquid crystal display. It is a technology widely spread on screens of all kinds at the moment, especially on smartphones, cameras … and our dear laptops.
The LCD screens are a bit of the world’s high-tech passes: it can be used as a TV monitor as well as a computer screen without losing any image quality.

LED Technology

Contrary to what one might believe and/or believed so far, the LED screens are not a full-fledged category: they themselves belong to the LCD screens! LED means “or light-emitting diode”, which is a backlit display of LEDs. These LEDs allow for the backlight of the screen and allow for a finer and less bulky product and a much more contrasting finish than a standard LCD screen.