What is 99Pay and How does it Work?

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The 99Pay is linked to the digital wallet app 99, the same used to ask for transport and delivery. With it, you can move balances, pay bills and bills, or order runs and deliveries made by 99Food. Available in some cities, still expanding, check out how it works and how to use 99Pay.

What is 99Pay and How does it Work?

How does 99Pay work

The digital wallet is used in the same application you use for transport. You must complete your registration at 99Pay for all resources to be released:

  • Add balance by bank transfer or bank slip;
  • Cell phone recharges;
  • Pay bills and bills;
  • Pay for 99Food races and deliveries;

How to register

  1. Open app 99;
  2. Select the 99Pay tab;
  3. Tap “Register here”;
  4. Enter your data and confirm;

Now you can take advantage of the 99 wallet features.

How to load balance in the digital wallet

You can transfer money and use it as a balance at 99Pay. Just select the “upload” option in your app’s 99 tabs and choose a payment method: bank transfer, credit or debit card, bank payment slip, or cash (upload via driver).

The option to charge via a run (via the driver) allows you to select a value in the app and pay the driver along with the run total. The driver confirms and this amount will be available in your balance.

The balance available at 99Pay yields up to 220% of the CDI, limited to the amount of R$5,000.00. As a comparison, PicPay, for example, already had yields of 210% of the CDI and now has 130%.

Transfer money from 99Pay

It is possible to transfer money to other 99Pay accounts, instantly, without charging fees, or to a bank account. This second option has a charge of R$ 3.00 per transfer and can only be made from Monday to Friday, until 4 pm. Movements made after this time will be effective on the next business day.

Transaction limits

Check below the limits for each transaction made after the card is verified:

  • Load balance: 10 transactions or R$1,000 per week and 20 transactions or R$2,000 per month;
  • Mobile recharge: 4 recharges or R$ 150.00 per week and recharges or R$ 300.00 per month;
  • Bills (such as water, gas, or electricity): Six payments of R$2,000 per week and 12 payments or R$4,000 per month;
  • Slips: Four payments of R$1,000 per week and eight payments or R$2,000 per month;
  • Transfers: 15 transfers or R$1,500.00 per week and 30 transfers or R$2,000 per month;

Cities that have 99Pay available

According to 99, 99Pay is expanding and, for now, it is available in the following cities:

  • Campinas;
  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Cuiabá;
  • Curitiba;
  • Porto Alegre;
  • Strength;
  • Recife;
  • Brasilia;
  • Aracaju;
  • St. Louis;
  • Victory;
  • São José dos Campos;
  • Uberlândia;
  • Bauru;
  • Ponta grossa;
  • Joinville;
  • Florianópolis;
  • lime tree;
  • Londoner;
  • Maringá;
  • Piracicaba;
  • Large field;
  • Sorocaba;
  • Saints;
  • Belo Horizonte;
  • Goiania;
  • João Pessoa;