What is Difference between iPhone 6 and 7?

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The iPhone 7 finally arrived in the USA to win new users of Apple and encourage owners of older models to do the upgrade of the iPhone 6S. The launch brings as one of the highlights the body resistant to splashing water, a feature that reaches the apple cell phone late in relation to the competition. The cheapest version of the smartphone costs $ 3,499, less than last year’s launch.

What is Difference between iPhone 6 and 7.
iPhone 6 and 7

The new model promises improvements, but drew attention in the official announcement in September, by leaving aside the entry for headphones. On the outside, there are few news, however, internally, there are differences you need to know. Find out what has changed from the iPhone 6S to the new iPhone.



In design, little has changed from the previous version. With the exception of the rear lines, which are now more discreet, it is almost impossible to distinguish the iPhone 7 from the 6S and the iPhone 6 released two years ago.

In addition, there is the controversial lack of P2 port for headphones, making the Lightning connection unique to the iPhone. The main consequence of this is the impossibility of recharging the device and listening to music on the headset at the same time unless they are wireless.

Another aspect that changes is the Home button that replaces the physical click with a vibration to confirm the user’s touch. In practice, it ceases to be a button itself and becomes a touch-sensitive surface that vibrates to reproduce the so-called tactile feedback.



The new iPhone’s display continues the same size and resolution as the iPhone Touch’s 3D Touch technology. This means that the cell phone follows with a 4.7-inch screen and 750 x 1334 pixels that can be pressed to open submenus on the home screen and within apps.

But, there is an improvement when it comes to image quality. With support for a wider range of colors, the iPhone 7 screen tends to showcase photos, videos and other colorful content with more intensity, leaving the result slightly more similar to that seen in Samsung smartphones, praised by Super AMOLED technology.

The change, it should be noted, can be subtle in the eyes of most users, resulting in a greater difference in videos with many colors.



As usual, Apple brings to the iPhone 7 an even more powerful camera. With the same 12 megapixel resolution, the new model features a lens with a larger aperture (f / 1.8 vs. f / 2.2) than the iPhone 6S, plus optical image stabilization. With the change, the smartphone tends to take much brighter photos, something that directly reflects on the camera’s performance in dark environments. With the iPhone 7, nighttime pictures promise to look nicer.

What is Difference between iPhone 6 and 7.

The front camera also improved, going from 5 megapixels to 7 megapixels, while maintaining the aperture of only f / 2.2, that is, without increasing the light input.



After the water-and dust-resistant body, storage improvement is the most important of the iPhone 7. While the cheaper iPhone 6S offers 16GB of storage space, Apple’s new mobile phone doubles the memory size to 32GB. The most popular iPhone version in Brazil – the one that costs less – will, therefore, offer more flexibility to install apps and keep photos on the device without seeing the cumbersome “store-almost-full” message.

There was also an increase in the most expensive version, sold for R $ 4,299. It brings 256 GB versus 128 GB offered by the iPhone 6S top of the line.


Processor and RAM

The processor in the new iPhone has improved, moving from the dual-core Apple A9 to the quad-core Apple A10 Fusion. As much as the number of cores may seem twice as great on iPhone 7, that’s not exactly what happens on a daily basis. The newly released model in Brazil is faster for heavier tasks such as games, but should not result in perceptibly greater agility in most apps.

The biggest merit of the new chip is actually the power consumption. Apple promises up to two hours more in battery life, the Achilles heel of the smartphone. The result has been confirmed in the complete review of the appliance, although the time away from the outlet can vary greatly depending on usage.


Operational system

As for software, nothing changes. Both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 run iOS 10, the latest system released by Apple. The same features, such as the new lock screen widgets, and the lack of the old “slide to unlock” are present.


Price and value for money

iPhone 7 arrives cheaper in Brazil compared to iPhone 6S in 2015: R $ 3,499 in the most basic version, R $ 500 less than a year ago. The advantage is even greater if storage is taken into account, since before the cheaper iPhone brought only 16 GB, compared to 32 GB of the new model; and the most expensive 128 GB, against current 256 GB.

But do not expect profound changes in the overall experience of using the device. The iPhone 7 brings the better camera in the dark but does not show such a big jump over 6S. The same goes for day-to-day performance and battery life for the most demanding users. The most significant improvement, besides the larger storage, is due to the resistance to water – the device can, finally, be immersed without malfunction.


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