What is Skeelo and how does it work? [EBook Subscription]

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Interested in reading a book on Skeelo but not sure how to use the app? Understand here what Skeelo is, how your monthly ebook exchange works, and what the benefits and features of the platform are.

What is Skeelo and how does it work? [EBook Subscription]

What is Skeelo?

Skeelo is an application used for reading ebooks, which in addition to a free digital book library, can be subscribed to by the user who wants to receive a new book every month. The platform itself suggests a reading, but the subscriber can exchange it for any other in their package.

Anyone who already has a Skeelo subscription built into their mobile plan, pay-TV, or another service can fit into three different categories of packages. This is because, according to the app itself, there must be a match between the value of the book in the publishing market and the value of the plan you have.

In this way, it is possible to fit into the light package (ebooks with an editorial value up to R$19.90); regular (ebooks up to R$34.90); or premium (ebooks above R$35). Anyone who subscribes to the platform on their own, either directly through the app on Google Play or the Apple Store (for both, the subscription is R$23.90/month), or hires the service to be charged separately on the cell phone bill, has direct access to the premium package.

To find out if your plan offers Skeelo as a benefit, just enter your cell phone number and CPF on the platform’s official website. Currently, the app has partnerships with companies Tim, Claro, Claro NXT, RecargPay, SKY, Sercomtel, Oi, Vivo, and Link Cariri.

It is also worth mentioning that Skeelo has another app called Skeelo Audiobooks, which is completely dedicated to audiobooks and works the same way as the original Skeelo.

How to choose the book I will receive

Every month, Skeelo makes a suggestion for a new reading to be received. By tapping on “Exchange book”, however, you have access to all the works included in your package, and you can choose any other instead. The books in the pack are divided into categories, but can also be searched by name or author.

When you find the work you want to receive, tap on it. Go back to the top of the page and confirm the operation on the icon where there are two arrows, one for each side. If by chance you change your mind and want to choose another ebook, do the process again as many times as you like. The chosen book is only definitively computed on the date stipulated in “Exchange available until”.

Skeelo Features

But as a digital book reader, is Skeelo any good?

All the works you receive monthly, in addition to those available for free, are on the “Shelf” tab. To read a book, tap on it, select the book you are going to read and wait for it to finish downloading. Once that’s done, adjust the font type and size of the reading and change the app’s theme to day, night or sepia.

In addition to these features, while reading on Skeelo, you can bookmark pages and select snippets you liked. For this last function, double-click on a word, drag to select the entire passage you want to mark, and highlight it or include notes. By doing this, you can also look up specific words in the dictionary.