What is the Difference between a Laptop and a Tablet?

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What is the Difference between a Laptop and a Tablet – Today computers have become the part of everyone’s life. Now the characteristics of the computer are available in different models. We’ve all heard about laptops and tablets. These are also the different computer models. Most of us are even using them for many and different purposes.

But if you intend to buy a tablet or laptop and do not know the difference between them, then let me tell you that there are several differences between laptops and tablets. These differences are based on storage capacity, compatibility, and many other features. We can not say that one is better because in some cases the tablets are better than laptops and in other cases, laptops are better. The difference between laptops and tablets is given in the lines below.

What is the Difference between a Laptop and a Tablet


Tables are just simple laptops. It has a touch screen, in spite of the mouse. The tablets use hide-virtual measurement keyboard which is usually used for typing. It lies between smartphone and a full-size laptop that is 7 inches diagonally. Tablets can be connected to the keyboard and physical input devices.


The laptop is a personal computer, which is portable too. Its major part of the component is the same as the desktop such as the keyboard, it also has a screen, but despite the mouse, it has a touchpad and has speakers in one unit. Its energy storage is a rechargeable battery. It can also be known as Notepad and Ultrabook. Most of the modern laptop has a webcam. Laptops are portable personal computers that are lightweight weighted.

Difference between tablets and laptops

In some aspects, tablets are better than laptops. The first thing and foremost is the size of the tablets. The tablets are the thin weighted and lightweight gadgets that make it more convenient small mobile laptop compared to laptops. And if you carry your laptop bag all day, in which case the tablet turns out to be much better than portable.

Another thing in which the tablet is better than a laptop is that while traveling in a taxi or airplane, it is not easy to work with a laptop. For a laptop running in a plane or taxi, you need to find a flat surface to place it. Then the flap should be open and after typing on the keyboard you can use the laptop. But in the tablet, you just have to turn it on and use it wherever you are.

Tablets are better than laptops in the case of battery life. Most of the life of the battery tablets is much better than that of laptops.

Another feature of the tablet that makes it better than the laptop is that you can easily take a snapshot and video from tablets. You can take the video with the tablet where you like what is not easy with a laptop. You can make video and conference calls with tablets easily.

In some aspects of laptops themselves proved better than tablets. Physical keyboards have always proven that they are better than virtual keyboards. As we know virtual keyboards are more sensitive than physical keyboards. But in the physical keyboard, you can type without seeing the keyboard after a time interval and faster which is very difficult with the touchscreen.

Laptops are much better than tablets in the sense storage capacity. The laptop has essentially the storage capacity of 250. and tablets have a memory capacity of 64 GB which is four times fewer laptops. Some laptops have a capacity of 300 or more.

The laptop has the CD/DVD drive that is not at all present in the tablet. So you can have the original software CD and can install them in your laptop every time you want. And after using them uninstall them. Not only the software, but you can also play different movies, games and other CDs in your laptop.