What is the Difference between an AMD A10 and Intel i5 Processor?

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What is the Difference between an AMD A10 and Intel i5 Processor?

Are you confuse? Both AMD and Intel use practically same guideline set, that indicates you’ll be able to run any Windows or Linux OS on them, they will run all your apps and games too.

Difference between an AMD A10 and Intel i5 Processor

The point where they vary exists architecture.

AMD has much better graphics support as well as better multi-threading assistance whereas Intel stands out at its single threaded performance.

If you are a player or somebody who’s work requires great deals of cores you must go with AMD A10 as the integrated graphics card is rather powerful and the mobile (Notebook/Laptop) processor offers 4 cores whereas Intel mobile processor only has 2 cores.

Things change on the desktop side as both A10 and i5 have 4 cores, however, AMD still has far superior graphics abilities.

Additionally, If you get a suitable discrete graphics card you can use the AMD’s Dual graphics feature which essentially offers you a computer system with 2 graphics card working at the same time. Check out this laptop computer

For another job, you are much better off with Intel.


  • The quad-core AMD A10 is equivalent to Intel’s dual-core hyper-threaded i5.
  • Intel’s i5 quad-core is superiors to AMD A10 quad-core.
  • APU/AMD CPU’s are better than an Intel incorporated.
  • To compare any 2 CPU’s(Intel or AMD) usage – cpuboss.com.

In basic, AMD processor has a far better onboard incorporated graphics card while the Intel processor works quicker.