Why is Svchost Using so Much CPU?

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Svchost.exe is a crucial part of your Windows operating system. A svchost.exe process is related to the fact that Windows uses dynamic link library (DLL) files. The use of DLL files is introduced by Microsoft for convenience, reuse, and better use of internal resources. For more information about DLL files, read the following article: Windows DLL files. The problem with DLL files is that they cannot be started directly via Windows, this is only possible via a rotator executable file (.exe), the URsvchost.exe. The Svchost.exe, therefore, launches all the DLL files for your Windows operating system through the Windows registry, where they are well stored.

Why is Svchost Using so Much CPU?

Why is Svchost Using so Much CPU

1. Why are there a lot of active svchost.exe processes?

Risk distribution. If there was only one, Windows would immediately be blocked at the slightest error in a particular service. That’s why the services that are connected to the Svchost.exe are logically arranged in groups. For example, a URsvchost.exe process loads 3 services related to the Windows user interface while the other URsvchost.exe process processes two firewall-related services.

2. What is the Svchost.exe virus?

On the internet, there has been a lot of panic about the Svchost.exe virus. This virus is actually a process called URscvhost.exe. If you look closely, you will see that in the process name of this virus the “C” and “V” are reversed in order to deceive you and believe that this is a crucial svchost.exe process. Scvhost.exe will slip into your system and close it completely. This virus is actually a Trojan horse, known as the W30/Agobot-S virus. This will allow hackers to access your computer, your personal data, and your privacy on the Internet. So if URsvchost.exe is on your process list, you have a problem, and we recommend you immediately apply an antivirus scan and check if there is a spyware presence. This is important, you will need to check your computer if there is a virus presence (svchost.exe) and spyware infections with a good complete solution that protects you from all Internet threats. You do not yet have a high-quality and complete solution for protection against all kinds of malware variants that can enter your computer?

SpyHunter detects and blocks the latest and most dangerous forms of virus and spyware. With several layers of protection, it protects against the latest strategies for cybercrime, regardless of the type of attack or infection of your computer.

3. What can I do if a svchost.exe process uses too much CPU from my PC?

Does a URsvchost.exe process consume CPU? Is your PC slow? In this case, you will need to restart the service that works. The problem is to find exactly what service is actually claimed by the URsvchost.exe process and that requires all the power of the CPU for itself. To find this easily, the best way is to implement the following free tool: Process Explorer. This is an excellent utility from Microsoft Sysinternals/to see which services are running under a specific URsvchost.exe process. If you float your mouse cursor over the processes you will see exactly what services are running. You can also double-click a URsvchost.exe instance, and then select the Services tabs where you interrupt a particular service that consumes your CPU.

As we pointed out, URSvchost.exe is carefully stored in its place in the Windows registry. The Svchost.exe groups are listed in the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE software Windows NT Svchost.exe. Each value under this key perfectly represents a separate Svchost.exe group. Because a contaminated Windows registry is not favorable for your Windows operating system and the stability of your computer, it is desirable to clean your Windows registry from time to time. The registry cleanup of a Windows-based computer is important. A reliable and quality registry cleaner for registry cleaning is the registry mechanic or the PC health advisor. We invite you to read the following article relating to it: PC cleaning software. You can combine one of these anti-malware solutions with the PC Health Advisor. More information on how to clean your PC?

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