Xiaomi Mibro Air – a Beautiful, Cheap and Very Basic Smart Watch

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The Air Mibro is a smartwatch with incredibly competitive prices and with an excellent design. With a cost below 200 reais, it brings a beautiful color display that is touch-sensitive, a metal body, and a very thin, light, and discreet design.

Xiaomi Mibro Air - a Beautiful, Cheap and Very Basic Smart Watch

Main specifications

  • 1.28 inch TFT 240×240 screen
  • Sensors: PPG cardiac sensor, accelerometer
  • Resistance: IP68
  • Connection: Bluetooth v5.0
  • Compatibility: IOS and Android
  • Size: 42mm display
  • Weight: 40 grams

Design is the highlight

The feature that pleased me most about Mibro Air was its look. Although not something extraordinary, it has a quality above that expected for such a low price segment. It uses a metallic finish throughout its construction, with a very thin border around the canvas.

The screen also stands out. Despite using TFT technology, it has a good level of illumination and color saturation, and the screen resolution of 240 x 240 on a 1.28-inch display results in an image with a good level of sharpness.

Closing the set of relevant information in the design, the watch has IP68 protection, so there is no problem facing rain or other “water events” with it, and the bracelet uses the classic watch fit, which makes it much easier to find another one with a design to the consumer’s liking.

Software and features

MiBro Air brings a basic set of sensors common to fitness bracelets, such as an accelerometer and heart rate meter, which are already able to efficiently measure the level of activity of its users. In the case of this product, it generates automatic reports with sleeping hours, steps taken, and heart rate throughout the day. Unfortunately, because it does not have GPS, it does not go very far in tracking exercises, and even in our tests, they were not synchronized to the application.

Despite being a company related to Xiaomi, this watch uses its own software, the MiBro Fit. In general, the interfaces are clear and direct, much like that of almost any gadget of this style. The problem is translation. Done visibly in an automated way, it varies from laughable at times, to screens that are really difficult to say what they are. An example is the “time pressure” that you need to open to discover that it is, in fact, the “weather forecast” function.

It brings some functions together with the smartphone, managing to act as a remote control to take photos and display notifications from the cell phone on the watch screen. Here again, the software shows that it is possible to improve this product in the future since the messages do not have a good organization on the screen, you cannot perform actions such as replying or even mark as read, and many times they do not even use the entire screen area. available, cutting some messages in the middle even with a lot of screens left.

Although it already performs the basic functions well, the app on the smartphone and the interfaces on the watch have room for improvement, especially correcting the exercise reports captured by the gadget (which were not synchronized with the app during our tests) as well as improvements in translation.


Xiaomi Mibro Air - a Beautiful, Cheap and Very Basic Smart Watch

MiBro Air has two main merits: good design and low price. With a cost below 200 reais, it delivers a neutral and beautiful design and a widescreen with good resolution and vivid colors. This makes it a relevant option for those who want something better than a smart band, but do not want to spend more on products like watches from the Amazfit line.

But the economy shows its weight in some features. The interface is visibly unfinished and with adjustments still needed, such as the exercise report that is not being synchronized with the app. Fortunately, it’s the kind of thing that updates can improve, but unfortunately, we also don’t know if it’s really going to happen.

Despite these defects, I think MiBro Air will serve a consumer looking for an entry-level product very well, and who doesn’t just want a bracelet like the Mi Band, but a watch. Considering the price, this gadget has an amazing visual quality, and although it is not more complete in features, invariably it is necessary to invest more to find more complete models. Considering its cost, I believe that MiBro Air is already doing very well.