How to Zoom Out in

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How to Zoom Out in – The, online game available for PC and download on Android and iOS (iPhone), requires strategy and patience to build scores and create a giant character in matches. In addition to dedication, another tool is responsible for player performance – the Zoom trick by means of a mod in the game.

Available in a free mod to download in Google Chrome, the function allows players to have access to much of the game map. In addition, it changes skins, reduces lag and crashes and facilitates some commands of the game. Check out the tutorial on how to use the Zoom trick.

How to Zoom Out in


How to Zoom Out in

Step 1. To get access to this trick you need to download and install a mod on your Open the Chrome browser, go to Mods and do the free installation; Link:

Step 2. After the download on the PC, access the game, which should have a different home screen (see photo). Start a game normally;

Step 3. With your character in motion, roll the mouse wheel to move the camera away from your character;

Step 4. It will be much easier to check locations with large concentrations of light points. Whenever a character dies it is possible to move quickly to that place to collect its points;

Step 5. Another great advantage is knowing the exact location of the large and dangerous snakes on the map. So you can avoid potentially fatal encounters with them, and keep good distance;

Step 6. As your character grows, the Zoom trick can also be used to plot surprise attacks on other characters. Simply align the snake and appear by surprise surrounding the player.