How to Eject USB from MAC

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How to Eject USB from MAC – Disconnecting a flash drive or external HD from a computer is a procedure that requires caution and it is always necessary to inform the system that you want to do this to prevent data from being corrupted. However, unlike Windows, Mac OS X does not display a Device Manager. TechTudo has prepared a special tutorial with three ways to eject an external disk from Mac OS X to safely remove it.

How to Eject USB from MAC


Context Menu

Option one. By default, external disks are mounted on the desktop. To eject a flash drive or HD, just right-click on the icon and, in the context menu, click “Eject”;


Finder window

Option two. In any window of the Finder, just click on the “Eject” button, to the right of the name of the flash drive or external HD, in the sidebar;


Work area

Option 3. The simplest way, however, is to drag the disk to the Recycle Bin. To do this, on the desktop, just click on the icon it and drag to the “junk” at the right end of the Dock.

Ready! However, before ejecting a flash drive or HD, remember to close all applications that are reading or writing information to the external disk. Done this, just eject to remove it safely and have no more worries.