How to Transition in TikTok

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The TikTok provides transition effects to apply filters in the passage from one scene to another in a post. The feature is available in the “effects” option and then “transitions” in the bottom toolbar. The user can transition to TikTok anywhere in the clip they want to post on the social network and choose between different effects to implement their publication. Check out how to use transition filters in the app for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) below.

How to Transition in TikTok

How to Transition in TikTok

Step 1. Tap on the button to access the cell phone camera through TikTok. Then check “upload” to open the gallery’s media;

Step 2. Select the clips to post on TikTok. In the next window, you can tap “pattern” to cut some part of the video;

Step 3. Drag the pink tips on the timeline below to cut the video. To confirm the edit, tap on “next” in the upper right corner. Then, access the “effects” option from the bottom bar of the application;

Step 4. Tap on the “transitions” section to check the video pass effects tab. You can slide the bar to the left to view all transition options in TikTok;

Step 5. In the timeline below the video, drag the white marker to the part of the clip where you want to apply the transition effect. Then, in the bottom bar, select the filter of your choice and check the effect on the player. To confirm the edit, tap on “save” in the upper right corner;

Step 6. Tap “forward” to save the TikTok. On the next page, choose the post settings and confirm in “publish”.