Inkjet Vs. Toner Battle of Printers

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Inkjet manufacturers offer cheap printers but charge a high price for the required ink cartridges. Toner printing is done through a laser printer. Although laser printers are more expensive, toner cartridges mean to be cheaper in the long run. As the printing trend matures, laser printers are becoming more affordable, and inkjet manufacturers are trying to provide cheaper ink cartridges.

Inkjet Vs. Toner Battle of Printers


Inkjet printers are inexpensive and quite durable, lasting a couple of years. Aimed at-home use, they are capable of printing in color. The required ink cartridges cost $20 to $30 per ink cartridge and produce 400 to 500 pages each.


laser printers use toner for printing. Despite black toner prints, it is capable of high-volume printing, so it is often used in the office environment. Toner cartridges cost $50 to $60 each and produce 2,000 to 3,000 pages each.


Inkjet allows color printing on a small scale. Ink cartridges are more expensive than four to six cents toner per page versus two to two and a half cents toner per page. Printing toner with a laser printer is faster, quieter, and cheaper in the long run. Print toner is limited to black and white.

When it comes to which is better, it seems that the difference between inkjet and laserjet printers cannot be made for exact reference. Basically, both are equally good. But if you want to buy, you should choose based on your needs. What do you want to buy that printer for? Will it be used for business needs such as printing or is it only used for personal or office needs?

If for business needs, it is best to buy a printer with a type of laserjet because in terms of quality print results are much better and durable. Moreover, in terms of durability is also much better. Laserjet printers can also print paper up to A3+ size. But if you buy a printer just for personal or office needs such as printing documents, it seems that inkjet printers are enough. In addition to the low price and maintenance, the printout of the document is also similar to laserjet.

That’s some discussion about the difference between inkjet and laserjet printers that you can use as a consideration before deciding to buy them. So basically the main consideration should be your own needs. Do not buy a printer just because of the technology, but make sure to have the function as you need in the future. This will be more profitable and make you more frugal.