Redmi Note 7 No GPS Error Solution

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Hi Guys, Recently I received a lot of complaints that the GPS in Redmi Note 7 is not working, this is possibly due to the software problem in MIUI. I tried to explode, and I was able to find a quick solution to your problem.

Please follow the guidelines for me to guide you through this problem until the next update to solve your problem.

I have thoroughly tested this in the application Waze and Grab that both are pretty dependent on the GPS to work correctly.

Redmi Note 7 No GPS Error Solution - Redmi Note 7

A headache, no GPS while browsing!

  • Step 1: Go to dual settings/applications
  • Step 2: Activates Google services
  • Step 3: Call the application you like to fix the error in the GPS, in my case your Waze
  • Step 4: Go to the security application
  • Step 5: Click on the battery icon
  • Step 6: Click the Battery saver application settings
  • Step 7: Click Waze
  • Step 8: Click Unrestricted
  • Step 9: Select the dual application (in my case your Waze)
  • Step 10: don’t forget to turn on your phone’s GPS, and better to start out of the Home for better satellite reception, in my case, Waze is working fine now, LOL.
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