How to Activate Roaming on iPhone

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How to Activate Roaming on iPhone – When you have a device that allows data roaming, it is important to know how to enable or disable this function — especially to avoid spending on additional tariffs in some situations.

In the case, when activating the function, your appliance becomes data by cellular networks that do not belong to your smartphone carrier. Thus, certain values may be charged if you do not disable the tool and exit the area where your device is registered (normally, this occurs on trips).
On the other hand, if it is important that you always remain “connected”, the data roaming can also be a good option. See below how to enable or disable this function in a simple and quick way:

Do It Yourself ( How to Activate Roaming on iPhone )

How to Activate Roaming on iPhone

After accessing the “settings” option from your handset, select the option “General” (“General”) and then “cellular”.

Information about active connectivity (or not) on your device will be displayed on the screen:
Cellular data: Option that gives the phone the permission to fetch other networks, not restricted to the Wi-Fi network only.
Enable 3g: To opt for the use of the mobile phone network.
Data roaming: The device itself already notifies you that this option should be disabled during travels to avoid spending when browsing the Internet or using e-mail and MMS, for example.
Note that if the “cellular data” topic is disabled, the data roaming will not appear in the options.