How to Fix Google Play Store No Connection After Using Freedom

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This is a common mistake that users face most of the time when they install the Freedom app, and then the Google Pay store stops working by saying that there is no connection, even though the network is working properly. This error can be corrected in several ways, and the methods are explained below.

How to Fix Google Play Store No Connection After Using Freedom


Methods to fix Google Play Store offline freedom

First method:

Clear the cache and the data can help you fix the Google Play Store There is no freedom of connection. First, go to the Google Play store from the settings and click the Force Stop button. Then click the Clear Cache button and uncheck the data and reboot the phone. The error can be corrected now.

Second method:

Check the date and time zone and set correctly. Users in the United States must change the time zone after the Freedom app is installed on their devices. This may be a great reason for the no connection error. Then try downloading some app from the Google Play Store to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Third method:

Resetting the device can be a great help to fix the Google Play Store without the freedom of connection. Then try that too.

Fourth method:

This method requires the root browser to resolve the problem. This is a step-by-step process after which you can get rid of the problem.

  • First, you need to set the file system to mount R/W and then navigate from the root to the system/etc.
  • Locate the host file (no extension) there and modify it after you keep a backup of this file.
  • Start the host file, and then click the Text Editor.
  • There will be two IP addresses. Add # on the second IP address that will be similar- # or remove all and add localhostFix Google Play Store No Connection After Using Freedom
  • Save and restart the phone. The process is complete.