Google Play Error 1101, How to Fix it?

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Google Play Error 1101, How to Fix it? You have to turn off your smartphone, now turn it on. You will need to register or have a google account to activate the google play store. Google play store is where you purchase or download for free all of the applications you want to install on your smartphone. To set up an account.

Google Play Error 1101, How to Fix it?

Fix Google Play Error 1101

  • Clear data and cache Google Play App
  • Go to Google Play
  • Add a google account
  • Don’t have a google account?
  • Create Already have a google account?
  • Sign in To create an account
  • Type your first name, your last name, and Username
  • You’ll have to wait for any minutes to register.
  • Now your registered, You can download from google play. Sometimes, Google play is stopping if you have many applications running in your system. Make sure to exit every application that you don’t want to use. Or try stopping them by tap menu tap setting tap applications at the right side you will see downloaded running choose running all the running applications has been shown to choose the app then tap stop, to exit press home button.


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