How to Install aaPanel on VPS (WordPress, SSL, IonCube Loader)

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There is a new control panel that can be used as a free alternative, namely aaPanel. This opportunity I discussed how to install aaPanel on an Ubuntu or CentOS VPS. Including complete with tutorials make a new WordPress blog, add a new domain, enable SSL HTTPS Let’s Encrypt free, and install ionCube Loader.

AaPanel Installation Requirements

  • VPS with an operating system (OS) Ubuntu 16.04 /Debian 9.0 /CentOS 7.1 .
  • Minimum 512MB RAM, higher is recommended.
  • A minimum of 100MB free disk space.

NB: In this article, I use a VPS with Centos OS 7.5 64-bit from ServerCheap.

How to Install aaPanel on VPS
How to Install aaPanel on VPS

How to Install aaPanel on VPS

I think you already have an active VPS, and please use the PuTTy software for the installation process via your Windows computer PC.

Here is a tutorial installing aaPanel on Ubuntu VPS, work with command code one by one:

1. Open the software Putty and login to your VPS (login as root), the password as per your new VPS data.

2. For new VPS, if not automatically ask for Change password, please type:


Enter new password > Enter. Enter 1x again > Enter.

3. First Update the VPS operating system:


yum update


apt-get update

4. Type the following install command code (I use Centos):

Centos :

yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash

Ubuntu/Deepin :

wget -O && sudo bash

Debian :

wget -O && bash

5. When it appears “Do you want to install aaPanel to the/www directory now? (Y/N): “, please type a letter:


Then press Enter.

6. Wait for the basic installation process of aaPanel until it is finished and a success message appears like this:

Congratulations! Install succeeded!
username: pcmind
password: qwerty123

7. Open the URL address of the aaPanel displayed in the screen Putty, use the username and password to Login to your aaPanel. (default URL is https://your_ip:8888)

8. Will immediately appear 2 options hosting engine that would be used, LAMP or LNMP. Or in other words: Apache or Nginx. Please choose as you wish, I prefer LNMP or/alias Nginx:

How to Install aaPanel on VPS (WordPress, SSL, IonCube Loader)

Description: When this article was created, the picture above is a recommended version for each software.

  • Nginx 1.15
  • MySQL Select MariaDB 10.0
  • Pure Ftpd 1.0.47
  • PHP 7.2
  • phpMyAdmin 4.7

9. Please wait for the software install aaPanel until 100% complete. The process is long enough, up to 30 minutes more. It might match your VPS and Internet speeds

10. Replace your default username and password.

Settings > Panel user > Modify
Settings > Panel password > Modify
No need to press Save button.

11. aaPanel successfully installed!


How to Install WordPress Blog in aaPanel

Starting this step no longer uses Putty, directly via the aaPanel dashboard browser directly!!!

  1. Open the APP Store menu.
  2. First, Find and install One-click Deployment.
  3. Now open the One-click Deployment menu.
  4. Select Blog > WordPress > One-click.
  5. Fill in the Domain name without HTTP or HTTPS (example:
  6. Set other data if necessary, such as database name and password, etc. (ignore as well as no problem).
  7. After success, access your blog domain for a new WP live install.


Solve WordPress Error 404 Not Found in aaPanel

  1. Open the Website menu.
  2. Next, to the domain name, click the Configuration link.
  3. Select the Rewrite URL menu.How to Install aaPanel on VPS 1
  4. Select WordPress in the dropdown menu.
  5. Save.

Or, use the following rewrite URL if the WordPress option doesn’t appear automatically script:

location /
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
rewrite /wp-admin$ $scheme://$host$uri/ permanent;


How to install SSL HTTPS in aaPanel

This Panel also provides free SSL automatically to make the blog become https.

Here’s how to issue SSL:

  1. Open the Website menu.
  2. Next, to the domain name, click the Configuration link.
  3. Select the SSL menu.
  4. Select the Let’s Encrypt tab.
  5. Select the corresponding image above, fill in the email address and tick the domain name.
  6. Click the Apply button and wait for it to finish.
  7. Enable the Force HTTPS feature (only if it’s already active in SSL).How to Install aaPanel on VPS 2

How to install Ioncube Loader in aaPanel

Ioncube Loader is widely used for premium plugins as well as paid themes.

I also add how to install ionCube Loader on my aaPanel VPS:

  1. Open the APP Store menu
  2. Choose PHP Software 7.2 (or any other PHP version you choose).
  3. Select the menu Install Extensions.
  4. Find ionCube.
  5. Click Install and wait for it to finish.
  6. Then, select the Service menu and click the “Restart” button.
  7. Last…

Note: Not only ionCube, but you can also install another extension, for example, Redis, Memcached, etc.

Please return to HOME aaPanel. Then in the top right corner, click the “Restart” link. Select Restart Panel.


New Update

The experimental Centos/Ubuntu/Debian installation command supports ipv6. Note that this command is executed with root privileges (Centos8 is supported)

curl -sSO && bash