How to Know MySQL/MariaDB root password on CyberPanel

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A few days ago I was working on migrating a WordPress website from shared hosting to a VPS using CyberPanel. Actually it is not a difficult thing, but because it uses the panel so there are some things that I have usual setting myself as standard will be different.

How to Know MySQL MariaDB root password on CyberPanel

One of them because there is a limit file upload size when I try to restore the database. I’ve discussed and provided the solution.

I kinda forgot the specifics why, but finally I decided to import the WordPress database manually through phpMyAdmin. The SQL file size that I will upload is approximately 150 MB, compressed tar. GZ to 30 MB.

Apparently when my login session did not know what MYSQL root password. LOL ???? Understandably, I don’t know yet.

After I find out, the solution is simple, just check with the following command:

cat /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword

The reply message will appear containing what is the password of the MySQL or MariaDB root account.

OK, so many ways to get the root password of the MySQL/MariaDB database server on CyberPanel. Good luck and hopefully helpful.