How to make Kodi Full Screen in Windows

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How to make Kodi Full Screen in Windows – In some cases, Kodi might being in a Windowed setting with your task supervisor being annoyingly in the method. Listed below, we have actually listed 3 various techniques which will certainly permit you to switch between Full Screen setting and also Windowed setting with Kodi.

How to make Kodi Full Screen in Windows
How to make Kodi Full Screen in Windows


Keyboard shortcut to switch over between Windowed and Full display

These keyboard shortcuts collaborate with a common Windows keyboard and most various other applications. With the Kodi home window open, hold the ALT trick (discovered to the lower left of your keyboard) as well as press ENTER. This should require Kodi to change to a Windowed view, and bring your taskbar back forward.


Change between home windows with a keyboard faster way

Instead of changing in between a Windowed as well as Complete display view, this approach will certainly keep Kodi full screen, nevertheless, it will certainly enable you to switch to various other windows that you presently have open. It additionally operates in another program, as well as is specifically beneficial for complete display software program. Hold the ALT Secret (base left of keyboard) and press TAB (top left of keyboard). Do not let go of ALT after pressing TAB. Yours opened up windows will certainly appear in a user interface, use TAB to pick one and let go of ALT to open it. Use this to change back right into Kodi.


Disable complete display setting in Kodi setups

Adhere to these steps from the default Kodi skin Estuary

  1. On the Kodi home screen, pick the gear symbol in the top center of your display to open up the setups food selection.
  2. Try to find “System Setup” as well as select it.
  3. Under the Show section on the left, look for “Show Setting” on the right.
  4. Navigate with the choices and changed to “Windowed”.