6 Laptop Screen Problems Solved

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6 Laptop screen problems solved

When we encounter a problem with the screen of our laptop, we are often powerless in the face of the measure to be taken. Below, 6 typical problems that a slab can meet, and their solutions!

Laptop Screen Problems Solved

1. My screen is broken:

A broken, cracked, or depressed screen is not repairable. In addition, this can be a real danger to the user if small glass particles escape from the screen. The easiest and safest solution is to change the screen. For this, you just need to know your laptop model and search your screen reference on our site.


2. There are vertical or horizontal lines on my screen:

This type of scratch does not necessarily mean that your screen is dead, it is rarely even the case. Faced with this type of concern, we submit two hypotheses:

Your screen has been shocked and these lines are the result. In this case, you will have to change the screen.
Your screen is in full health and its scratches come from a defective graphics card or chipset. Being on a laptop PC, this piece is welded to the motherboard. except if you are under warranty, a change of motherboard is very expensive.
To identify the outage, nothing beats the test via an external screen. If the lines also appear on the screen, the graphics card is involved. Otherwise, it’s that it’s probably coming from the screen.


3. The brightness of my screen is low:

When your screen is dark and it does not come from your manual settings (to check in first place), most of the time just acquire a new “inverter”, a continuous voltage converter that serves to backlight the slab. This will come back much cheaper than changing the screen in its entirety. Note all the same that if your laptop is newer, you have little chance of having a screen with a backlight by inverter but more certainly via LED, which will require you to change the screen in case of similar failure.

Note that this failure can also be caused by a neon HS (screen with inverter) or a faulty screen video card.


4. My screen is completely black! :

A black screen at the start of your laptop can mean a lot of things and does not bode in any way of the status of your screen. To verify that the screen slab is actually involved, try again to connect an external monitor to your computer to see if it is working properly. If this is the case, you may suspect a defect on the screen. Otherwise, the problem is more at the level of the graphics card.

5. I see dead pixels or Tasks have appeared on my screen:

Again, do the external screen test to confirm that the concern is coming from your screen. If this is the case, this type of defect is not fixable and only a change of screen will allow you to correct it.

6. My screen flashes:

The first step is to ensure that the video cable (large flat cable on the back of the screen) is properly plugged in. Sometimes the connection may just be bad.