How to Tell if My Computer has Bluetooth

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How to Tell if My Computer has Bluetooth – Bluetooth is the technology for transmitting data remotely, discovered not so long ago. For several years now, we know a little more about this technology, which has proven to be very practical in many cases such as: to transmit data from a smartphone to a computer, to connect external speakers without using the usual cables, to enjoy a wireless mouse, to access another computer nearby, etc. Although most computers are now equipped with a built-in Bluetooth system, you can still have a doubt. On, we explain to you how to know if your laptop is equipped with Bluetooth.

How to Tell if My Computer has Bluetooth


  1. If you are using Windows, go to Device Manager. Depending on the version of your operating system, there are different ways to proceed. In Windows 8, you can do this by pressing the Windows X button and selecting the Device Manager.
    On Windows 7 and Vista, write Device Manager with the Start button’s search function. Finally, under XP, click Start and then right click on Computer. Select Properties and then the Devices tab. You will find the “Device Manager” button.
  2. Then search for the “Bluetooth” function from the list. If the function is present, it means that your computer has Bluetooth. Otherwise, search for “network cards” and open this category. It is possible that the Bluetooth is in this place. If you still can’t find it, it may mean that your computer does not have Bluetooth.
  3. On Mac OS X: If your computer has Bluetooth, you will see its icon in the bar located at the top of the screen (where the time is shown).
  4. If it does not appear, make sure your Mac is actually equipped with Bluetooth by going to the section about this Mac. Click on the Apple (top, left), then on about this Mac.
  5. In the new window, click on “More Information”.
  6. Then ensure that the category for devices installed on the machine is open and look for “Bluetooth” from the list. You see him on the list? So your computer is equipped with Bluetooth.

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