Tips and Recommendations for Cleaning the Portable Keyboard

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Cleaning a portable keyboard is something that should be done periodically. It is essential to prevent dust and dirt particles from affecting the internal operation of the computer. And essential to extend its life. But cleaning the keyboard is also necessary when the computer has been used in particularly dirty or sandy environments. Knowing how to clean the keyboard of a laptop is necessary to be able to do it effectively and without damaging the device.


How to clean the portable keyboard with the most effective and easy methods

The compressed air spray is the easiest and most efficient way to clean a portable keyboard

Currently, it is possible to buy a clean spray keyboard that is nothing more than a few bottles of compressed air that help to blow and remove dirt particles from the keyboard of a laptop. These types of air spray cans function as an air compressor to clean the PC at a suitable pressure to remove dirt without damaging the computer.

Tips and Recommendations for Cleaning the Portable Keyboard

The use of compressed air spray to clean portable keyboard is very cheap. And it is a very simple and effective method to remove particles of dust, sand, crumbs or dirt in general. It is valid both for cleaning the Mac keyboard and for cleaning the keyboard of a laptop of any other brand.

This type of air spray is specifically indicated for electronic equipment. The use of pressurized air to clean PC does not give problems, it is very simple. You simply have to follow the rules of storage of the container as with any aerosol, without leaving hours exposed to the sun. That easy.

The pressure of these airboats to clean a portable keyboard is adequate for this purpose. Cleaning mobile devices, whether laptops or desktops, is not something you can do with an air compressor to use at any pressure, as you could have problems. In addition, these have a thin tube or cannula that allows the exit of the air at concentrated pressure at the point you want. In this way put clean a compact keyboard with ease and efficiency.


How to clean the portable keyboard with an air cleaner

For efficient cleaning, it is important to know some practical tricks that we will talk about next. These will allow you to clean your computer keyboard in a real way and not simply blow the air to move it from one area to another of the laptop but without getting rid of it.

  • Remove any peripherals you have connected to your laptop, whether they are pen drives, external speakers, gaming headphones or any other.
  • Turn off the computer and leave it disconnected from the electrical power. That is, do not let him charge while you take care of his cleaning.
  • To clean a portable keyboard you must keep this in an incline of 75 degrees above normal.
  • The application movements of the compressed air spray should be carried out in a zigzag form starting from the top left and going to the right and down, and continue the zigzag until cleaning the computer keyboard.
  • Once you have completed the previous cleaning, you must rotate the keyboard 80 degrees to modify its orientation. And there repeat the zigzag cleaning as in the previous point.

Wet cleaning, to clean the portable keyboard and leave it free of grease and dirt
Although it seems strange, it is also possible to clean a portable keyboard using wet solutions. But not just any solution, beware! There are liquids and cleaners that can damage both the inside of the laptop and the keys themselves. You have to use a specific keyboard cleaner or isopropyl alcohol (never 96º!) That is sold in pharmacies and drug stores. Among other uses, this type of isopropyl alcohol is also used for cleaning the lenses of reflex digital cameras.

Isopropyl alcohol should be applied with a cloth of a fabric that does not leave debris or lint. Ignore the recommendations that claim to do so with a cotton swab that is used to clean the ears. The reason? These sticks can leave traces and strands of tissue between the keys, affecting the computer. What you can do is line one of these sticks with a fabric of fabric that does not leave remains. In this way, you can reach specific parts of the laptop keyboard, but you will avoid the problem we have mentioned.

In any case, it is important that you apply isopropyl alcohol on the fabric outside the keyboard. That is, do not do it on top of it. Realize that you could have a bug and that it would end up spilling between the keys and reaching inside the computer. It would be terrible. Therefore, the application must always be done apart from the keyboard.

If you have to clean the portable keyboard thoroughly due to the extreme dirt on it, you can remove the keys with a suitable device. In this case, you can also clean them in this way and with greater ease.


Wet wipes for cleaning laptops

Currently, there are also specific wet wipes for cleaning electronic equipment valid for cleaning the portable keyboard. These are impregnated with a suitable PC cleaner.

These wet cleaning solutions for cleaning computer keyboards are especially suitable when using the keyboard in heavily soiled environments or while eating goodies. It is a great way to clean up grease or keys when they are sticky and without damaging the computer. Especially if you do it at the moment. But they are also very suitable to clean portable keyboard periodically and eliminate bacteria or germs that may be present in it.

Some of these wipes in addition to cleaning a portable keyboard are also suitable for cleaning the computer screen. But if you do not specify that it is suitable for cleaning monitors and digital screens, use it only to clean the laptop keyboard.


Clean portable keyboard by removing the keys, when necessary and how to do it

When everything indicates that the lack of cleaning is responsible for the malfunction of the computer, it is time to clean the laptop keyboard thoroughly by removing the keys. Although the ideal is not to reach this point and do periodic cleaning of the laptop.

A portable keyboard can also be cleaned by removing the keys to do a deep cleaning and avoid reaching a critical point due to the dirt of the laptop.

There are different ways to deal with the removal of keys from the laptop for cleaning. The first time it can make you nervous to disassemble your computer, but do not worry, if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or a good video tutorial, it will be very simple and will not give you any kind of problem.

It is currently possible to find small tools specifically designed to remove the keyboard keys to clean the portable keyboard thoroughly. Although it is most likely not necessary to resort to it.


Tips for cleaning a portable keyboard

Tips and Recommendations for Cleaning the Portable Keyboard

Taking into account some tricks will help you make this keyboard cleaning process easier and not cause you concern.

  • Take one or several good pictures of the keyboard with your iPhone, smartphone or even with a digital camera. So you can check the order of placement of the keys after cleaning. You will not make mistakes or give you headaches.
  • Be orderly and as you remove the keys put them in a container. This will prevent them from falling to the ground or getting lost and then it is difficult to find them. You can use another container such as a clean and dry box or boat to keep the keys clean as you clean them one by one. The organization is always a good advisor, also when it comes to cleaning a laptop keyboard.
  • When you go to clean your computer keyboard always do it on a clean table and environment. It is the best way to deal with keyboard cleaning. Otherwise, the dust or particles of environmental dirt may be put on the laptop. Therefore, instead of doing a good cleaning of the device, you end up leaving it dirtier than it was.
  • You can clean the loose keys of the computer with soap and water. Still, make sure they are completely dry before reassembling them on the laptop.

Bad practices to avoid when cleaning a portable keyboard

  • Never use a hairdryer to remove dust from the laptop keyboard. Not only because the airspeed may not be adequate for the good condition of the device. Also because hot air can be lethal to the device. You already know that a gaming or standard-use laptops like a computer tower or a convertible suffer tremendously from heat and can overheat. So avoid hot air at all costs.
  • Never use water to clean a portable keyboard even if it is turned off. You can only use water to clean the already loose keys of the keyboard, away from the laptop. Always making sure they are completely dry when you put them back in it.

With these simple tips and recommendations cleaning a portable keyboard will be very simple. You can enjoy a device like new as well as extend its life.