How to Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile (Fix 968 PING)

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Many times it happens when we just about to kill someone, immediately then our men fall back to the same location where he was 3 seconds before. Then we view at the bottom left corner to the screen; what we see is annoying.

Sincerely, this happened to me many times. And in time, I discovered solutions to this issue. The main reason for high Ping is only when your internet connection is not working, or less working or working anywhere else rather than on PUBG MOBILE.

How to Reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile (Fix 968 PING)

But do not worry; from today, you will never going to face any PING issue in PUBG Mobile because What I found for you is some best solutions to decrease Ping in PUBG Mobile. After trying a lot of new ways, I decided up with these my favorite ways, which improved my gameplay like anything.


Best Ways to Reduce High Ping In PUBG MOBILE

After then, I am using these methods. I never get Ping more than 90, and average Ping endures between 60-90, even sometimes it goes up to 20 also. These were some unbelievable results that I got when I used ways to decrease Ping.


Fix your Internet Connection

The main reason why people facing High Ping is because they got Poor Internet Connection. Are you having a good Internet Connection, if you are using Mobile Network then you might face this problem because Mobile Network is not stable enough? So, Make sure that you are sitting where the Mobile connection is stable, and it is not possible then use WiFi.

If you do not have WiFi, then you need to make sure you sit where your connection is full, and you can also follow further ways. And even using WiFi, if you still face High Ping, then you should examine whether your internet is working or not. Check its Ping.

You can quickly check it from an Application called Ping. Download it and open it and check its ping; if the Ping is less then 1 or 0, then its working fine. That means you need to contact the PUBG Mobile support team and ask for a repair game.


PING GAMER – Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online

The last but not least, is you can use the Ping Gamer Application that will automatically identify your issue and solve it for you. Not only it will help you to decrease Ping, but it will fix up your lag issue also. You do not need to master this app, as this is as easy as it seems. Its size is also less than 3 Mb.


Final words

All the above techniques are personally tried by me and helped me a lot. If you are still not able to fix the ping issue, then the last option would be contacted PUBG MOBILE Support team or click on the repair option accessible at the start of the game.