5 Best Antivirus for iPhone

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5 Best Antivirus for iPhone – If Apple products are deemed not to be easily attacked by malicious software, once jailbroken, they may still encounter unforeseen risks. Gentside gives you 5 security solutions to best protect your iphone. Gentside to selected for you the 5 solutions that will allow you to secure your jailbroken iphone:

Best Antivirus for iPhone
Best Antivirus for iPhone


(1) Look out mobile security antivirus (free)

Look out mobile security antivirus is a complete security solution for the Apple smartphone. As with its Android version, not only does it protect your smartphone from viral attacks from the web, but it has a variety of very useful options: the -In case of loss of the smartphone, look out will allow you to geolocate it. You can also make it sound even if the latter is in silent mode. -Stolen, if someone forces your phone to call another number, the latter will allow its real user to listen to what’s going on around the thief. Pretty smart. -Finally look out mobile security antivirus gives the possibility to perform a complete backup of the information contained inside the mobile (contacts, messages, photos …). A complete and practical all-in-one product. The most: an antivirus and a security solution in the same product the least: some energy-intensive features (such as GPS tracking)


(2) MacAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile (free)

The mobile version of the antivirus solution of MacAfee is divided into 4 parts:-A news feed telling you what’s going on in the mobile security world and the new threats that appear (threat feed)-a podcast “Made in” MacAfee on security alerts (2 minutes warning)-a direct link to the publisher’s blog to keep abreast of the latest information on the domain (insights)-an “investigator” of domain Names “, which, according to your requests, will tell you whether an IP address or a web domain is suspect or not (domain query). The most: a set of wise and free tools to protect your smartphone from the dangers of the web least: does not have an antivirus to speak of, but rather a tool (domain query) a priori


(3) Norton Mobile Security (free)

like MacAfee, another big name for computer security now makes its classes on the mobile. With Norton Mobile Security, the user will be able to secure his address book on the Web to reinstall it later on the smartphone, if the latter has been invaded by a virus or malware. In addition, the application offers a tool to find its iphone if it is lost or stolen, by geolocation, but also to block it remotely via a web interface. The most: Securing on one side, and pro-active solution in case of loss or theft less: the backup of the data requires a Norton account, the tracking option of the smartphone can use the battery


(4) Intego VirusBarrier iOS Antivirus (paid-about 0.81 euro)

One of the big names of the antivirus for Mac is embarking for the iphone. With VirusBarrier, the editor offers a real antivirus and anti malware solution for the Apple smartphone. It scans all the mails contained on the terminal, and also scans the attachments and zip files contained in your messages. But more than spotting and updating its database regularly, VirusBarrier also allows to repair infected files. Most: Regular updating of the database, repairing the least files: It scans only the mails and not the other multimedia files of the iphone


(5) Anti-Virus detective (paying-about 0.81 euro)

edited by radius180, anti-virus detective is a complete solution against malware that can infect the iphone. It provides a link to the coolest information about mobile web security and organizes its interface in a simple way, by a series of questions-answers and actions to be taken, by application or by site visited. It also puts the user in touch with the latest lists of dangers edited by Symantec, MacAfee, Trend and Kaspersky. The most: simple and accessible interface at least: offers a priori and non-curative solution