How to Get Someones IP through Skype

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How to Get Someone’s IP through Skype – Skype is a VoIP software, i.e. a computer program that allows users to pass and receive calls via an Internet connection. With the Skype software, it is possible to make international calls for free. It is enough to install Skype on its computer, its mobile or its tablet and thus benefit from unlimited communication credits. To call someone else who also has Skype, you really need to call the server. The Skype program connects with the other person’s IP address. How to find the address on Skype of the caller?
How to Get Someones IP through Skype

Find IP address on Skype

You need a Windows command prompt in administrator mode, so you have to open the Command box:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click on CommandPrompt (CMD) and run as administrator.
This opens a command window.
We will type the order later, you have to contact the person you want to know the Skype IP address.


Open Skype
Discuss with the person you want the IP address, you only have to keep this user online. Also restrict programs that have access to the Internet, for clarity.
Send it, a large file
While loading the file, go to your command window


Type the command:


netstat-nbt command prompt


If a message of type “The requested operation requires elevation.” Is that you do not run the command prompt in administrator mode, it will not work.


Search for “URSkype.exe” on the list of running programs.
Note the IP address indicated next to it is the Skype IP address of your contact.
Be aware that you can use this method with any Instant messaging program. It is just enough that both computers are connected to the same platform. You just use your Instant messaging program as a gateway.

You now know how to find IP address on Skype. Once you have this Skype IP address, you can use an online tool to infer geolocation, if you need it.


How to hide your IP address on Skype?


Unlike finding the corresponding IP address on Skype, other users want to be anonymous on Skype. This is to change the actual IP address of the Internet connection by replacing it with another one. There are powerful tools like VPN services for Skype that make Skype anonymous for the correspondents.
These services have the dual advantage of changing the IP address and thus the geolocation linked to this IP address but also to encrypt the connection data, this makes eavesdropping impossible for a third party, even for the Internet service provider that is no longer in the ability to intercept Skype conversations. The VPN service for Skype is the perfect tool for those who want to protect the privacy of their VoIP calls or even who want to be anonymous with Skype.