How to Uninstall Chromium (Easy Way)

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Chromium is the Google project on which Chrome and other browsers are based. It is usually two versions ahead of Chrome. This is because it is a set of browser tests which is in constant development and can bring bugs, crashes, and be incompatible with some sites.

Like all open-source software, the program can be downloaded and modified freely. This allows malicious people to create variations of the browser with viruses, especially adware – that display advertisements. If you want to uninstall and remove Chromium Azul from your PC, check out the tutorial below. The walkthrough was performed on a Windows computer and on macOS.

I have opinions. However, here are some possible reasons that people may consider Chromium to be a bad browser:

1. Privacy concerns: Chromium is built on the same codebase as Google Chrome and shares many of the same privacy concerns. It collects user data and sends it back to Google, which can be a concern for people who value their privacy.

2. Resource-heavy: Chromium can be quite resource-intensive, which means that it can slow down your computer or cause it to use more power than necessary.

3. Lack of built-in features: Chromium is a stripped-down version of Chrome and lacks many of the built-in features that people have come to expect from a modern browser. For example, it doesn’t have a built-in PDF viewer, password manager, or tab grouping functionality.

4. Security concerns: Although Chromium is generally considered to be more secure than other browsers, it’s not immune to security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can potentially be exploited by attackers to install malicious software or steal user data.

5. Limited customization options: Chromium is not as customizable as other browsers like Firefox. Users can’t install as many extensions and add-ons as they might like, which can limit their ability to tailor the browser to

How to Uninstall Chromium

How to Uninstall Chromium


Step 1. Close Chromium completely. It is important to check that there is no background process. To do this, open the Windows task manager by pressing “Ctrl Shift Esc” and check the “Processes” tab. If there are any, select and click on “End task”;

Step 2. Now, right-click on the Chromium icon and, in the context menu, go to “Open file location”;

Step 3. In the address tab, click on the folder to the left of the directory where the browser files are;

Step 4. Finally, delete the Chromium folder. If you want, empty your computer’s recycle bin to permanently delete the files.


Step 1. Close Chromium and check for background browser processes. To check, press “Command space key” to open the Spotlight search and select the “Activity Monitor”;

Step 2. In the search field, in the upper right corner of the activity monitor window, search for Chromium. If there is a process running, click on it to select it and use the “X” button, in the upper left corner of the window, to finish;

Step 3. Now, right-click on the Chromium icon in the macOS Dock. Go to “Options” and click “Show in Finder”. This will take you to the folder where the program is installed;

Step 4. Finally, just delete the application. If you want, empty your computer’s trash to permanently delete Chromium.

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to remove Chromium from your PC or Mac.