How to Uninstall Phoenix OS Properly

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Can’t uninstall Phoenix OS on your laptop? Relaxing! Because I’ve also experienced such errors, and here I write down the experience of successfully uninstalling.

Phoenix OS we know is one of the Android OS that can be installed on a PC. Like an emulator but not an emulator, hohoho. Because it doesn’t stand on Windows or any other OS. We can call it an operating system (OS).

Because when installing Phoenix OS will be a dual boot of dual OS installed on the PC.

If an Android emulator like Bluestacks, and the like when installed is on top of other OS (in this case I’ve tried Windows). That means we open Windows, just open Bluestacks. Meanwhile, Phoenix OS can open it directly without going through Windows first.

Back to the topic of discussion this time, why can’t you uninstall Phoenix OS?

How to Uninstall Phoenix OS Properly

See the image above, is an error message when I fail to uninstall. Failed to uninstall what I did was through Apps & Features, and via uninstaller phoenix os.

And the way it worked, it turned out like this!


Phoenix OS Uninstall Guide

  1. Open/run the PhoenixOS Installer you used to install (using Administrator) How to Uninstall Phoenix OS Properly
  2. If a notification appears, select YES
  3. Next, you just select Uninstall How to Uninstall Phoenix OS Properly
  4. If a YES warning appears
  5. Then wait for the uninstall process to run until there is a Successfully notification, that’s the sign you’ve successfully uninstalled