I Lost My Mobile, What Can I Do?

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I lost my mobile is a phrase that, unfortunately, you can say at the most unexpected moment. Using your smartphone in different environments and while doing other things can mean you forget it somewhere. If at any time you say I lost my android or I think it was stolen, it is important that you know how you can locate your smartphone.

I Lost My Mobile, What Can I Do?

Keep reading and discover what to do today to facilitate the location of your mobile when you exclaim I have lost my phone and how to act if that time comes.


What can you do right now if one day you think I lost my mobile

Configure your android mobile phone

The most important configuration you should have on your mobile is to keep the location activated. Some people have this enabled by default but in other cases not or it is deactivated by other types of issues. Note that if you want to be able to remotely locate your mobile phone from a desktop computer, a laptop or other device when you think I have lost my mobile, the location must be disabled.

So if you usually wear it off, it values ​​very well whether or not you are interested in keeping it that way. There is no correct answer if you have reason to deactivate it simply you must assume that you will not be able to activate the remote location of the device in case of loss or theft.

And how is this activated? It is very simple and it doesn’t matter what smartphone brand you use, be it a Xiaomi mobile, a Samsung mobile or any other mobile phone brand with an Android operating system.

You must enter settings to choose a location and then Activate location. Very easy and fast, right? It is worth doing because if at any time you think I have lost my mobile you will have already taken a very relevant step to locate it.


Write down and save your mobile phone’s IMEI code in several places

The IMEI code is essential to block the SIM card of your stolen mobile or to identify your mobile in case of theft. Therefore, you should know and write it down in more than one safe place.

By typing from your mobile phone *#06# Call you will get this number. It is important that you keep it in safe places but then remember if you need it. Especially considering that when you think I have lost my android nerves usually can be because it is a device in which we usually keep very relevant and private information.

For example, you can store it in a notebook on your bedside table. Or in a file on a Pendrive with personal information on your desk or office table. And in a post-it in another place where you keep important paper documents such as your passport or bank books.

It does not hurt that someone of extreme confidence can access it in case you lose your mobile phone or away from home and need to lock the SIM card. But keep in mind that that person could block it so don’t give it to anyone. When in doubt, keep it only you.


I lost my mobile, what do I do in the first place?

Phone from another mobile phone to yours

If you are with a friend or family member or someone can do you a favor, it is worth it from your iPhone or smartphone to your phone. Maybe it’s closer than you think. It is worth checking before making other decisions.

Lock the SIM card of your mobile phone

Contact your mobile phone provider. This way they will block your SIM card and avoid that if someone with bad intentions has your mobile phone they can use it to make calls or make use of data. This way you will avoid having negative surprises on the telephone bill.

In this case, they will ask for your IMEI code. Yes, that we have pointed out the importance of writing down. It is possible that when you think I have lost my mobile you are away from home and do not have it on hand and if you live alone or there is no one at home at that time it is difficult to find it. It is of little use to store it in a backpack or purse if it is also stolen so if you shared it with a person of extreme confidence it is time to ask for their help.

File a complaint if you are sure that you have been the victim of a theft

If you have seen how they robbed you or they gave you a jerk and they took your mobile phone report as soon as possible. It will be easier to locate the faster you give it. Also, if you’ve seen it, you can probably provide some information to find the thief.


I lost my android mobile phone, what do I do to recover it?

I have lost my mobile and I have an account associated with Google

Great, Google can help you find a lost or stolen mobile. If you have a Google account associated and activated the location function and still active this is what you must do to locate your android mobile.

  1. Enter the official website of Google. Be sure to do it because there are fraudulent pages of similar designs that seek to get your data. The cybercriminals never sleep and you have to take extra security.
  2. If you do it from a device that is not yours, use Google Chrome’s incognito mode.
  3. Identify yourself by logging in through the active email on the smartphone you wish to locate.
  4. Check the location of your mobile phone on the map.
  5. Decide how to interact with your remote mobile. You can call if you identify that you have left it at work or at the home of a family member or friend. You can also temporarily block your access if you suspect that it has been stolen or you think someone could access it and the information it contains before you.
  6. Now that you have Google maps, your mobile location decides what to do. If it is in one place where you identify that you have lost it, try to reach it as soon as possible. Or ask someone you trust who can be closer to him to find him. But if you see that it is moving from the location it is in the hands of someone. You might think about delivering it on lost items. But also think you keep it so it is best to report and show at the station the location of your mobile.


I have lost my phone and I want to find it through the Android Device Manager

These are the steps you should take after thinking I lost my android mobile. But before doing so keep in mind that if it is turned off or has been restored it will not be useful to locate your mobile. Also that the margin of error can cover hundreds of meters.

  1. Enter the official android website.  And as in the previous case, make sure you are on the correct website.
  2. Be sure to use the incognito mode in the browser if you access it from a device that is not your property.
  3. The tracking begins. The triangulation of the antennas closest to your device will indicate their approximate position. If you had the GPS option activated, space would be reduced and it would be easier to find it.
  4. Access the area physically and start looking for your mobile. If the margin of error is very large because the location covers an area of ​​several meter centers, try to locate it by another method besides tracking the area.
  5. If you are close, accept the option to play sound. Even if you had it quietly it will start to sound at maximum volume for 5 minutes.
  6. If you wish, you agree to block the phone and put a message on the home screen. Include in this a contact phone number so that if a person with good intentions finds it, they can contact you and give it to you.
  7. Rate deleting data from your mobile phone. Does it contain personal information that you do not want to fall into the hands of others? But keep in mind that it will not delete files from an SD memory card.

If you are surprised thinking I have lost my mobile this information will help you to locate the device as well as to avoid dislikes if it has fallen into the hands of malefactors. Keep that in mind.