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Software Reporter Tool – Hello! I opened the undertaking supervisor and discovered out that an unusual procedure named software_reporter_tool.exe caused alternatively excessive CPU usage on windows 10. Should you please explain what’s software reporter tool and the way am I able to save you it from loading my CPU? Is it a malware or everyday process?

software reporter tool high cpu

The file software_reporter_tool.Exe is really legal one. It’s far distributed with google chrome browser. Here we are able to give an explanation for, what is it for and how to turn it off to save you excessive CPU usage in windows os.

What is a chrome software program reporter tool (software_reporter_tool.exe)
Software reporter device is a part of chrome cleanup device – a utility that serves for cleansing google chrome browser from probably undesirable or malicious extensions, apps, hijacking start pages, dubious search engines like google and yahoo, and many others.By default it’s far located in the folder:

C:Users[YourName]AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataSwReporter[current app version]software_reporter_tool.exe

The technique can purpose high CPU usage for the duration of a long time period – about an hour or so. If this activity bothers you or prevents you from effectively the usage of your pc you can flip off the chrome software program reporter device.

How to turn off chrome software reporter tool
Deleting the file is not an answer because it will get better as soon as your chrome updates to the following construct. The browser updating supervisor will download the document and it is going to be back in the location. But you could do a trick to absolutely block the system. And here is how:

  1. Launch the undertaking manager.
  2. Visit the details tab (home windows 10 and 8) or approaches tab (home windows 7).
  3. Right-click on software-reporter-device.Exe and select stop manner tree.
  4. Open the report vicinity: c:users[YourName]appdatalocalgooglechromeuser information
  5. The appdata folder is hidden through default. So, you could browse to c:users, then enter the folder named after your account, after which click on at the deal with bar, manually add “appdata” and press input. Any other choice is to click on view inside the higher menu of the file explorer and pick out to show hidden items
  6. Once you’ve completed it, navigate to the vacation spot folder.
  7. Proper-click on the swreporter folder and select residences
  8. Visit the security tab.
  9. Click on advanced
  10. Click disable inheritance.
  11. Choose to eliminate all inherited permissions from this object
  12. Click good enough and then click on sure to confirm safety adjustments to the swreporter folder
  13. Click on adequate once more in every other window.

After you’ve done this no one could have to get right of entry to the swreporter folder and capacity to release software program reporter device (software_reporter_tool.Exe). I hope this trick will assist you to prevent the procedure from the use of a variety of your processor assets.