Weed Shop 3 Game – Walkthrough Gameplay and Guide

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Weed Shop 3 is a recreational marijuan* dispensary simulator with business management mechanics, FPS action, and a crazy storyline you’d come to expect from the guys who almost smoked crack with Kevin in Tenderloin.

Weed Shop 3 - Walkthrough Gameplay and Guide

This information incorporates data on Weed Shop 3 damaged down into the principal classes of the game, in addition to a Tutorial Walkthrough. The information will evolve because the game does!

Official Weed Shop 3 Discord: https://discord.gg/u7qHUZU5ry

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  1. Grow Setup – The benefit of utilizing a Grow Setup is the power to Plant/Harvest/Remove Broken Pots/Apply Supplements to the whole Grow Setup on an identical time. They also let you connect components that boost numerous stats reminiscent of development pace and yield.
  2. Grow Setup You can rapidly choose up your entire pots and eliminate damaged pots by interacting with the developed setup which they’re on and hitting X for Advanced Options and then C to Remove Pots.
  3. Components – Start utilizing Components and Grow Setups when rising Purple Haze and any pressure unlocked after. If you need to maximize revenue, keep away from utilizing watering elements for so long as potential because it’s only luxurious.
  4. Supplements – Don’t purchase develop increase and many others early game; simply purchase extra buckets and improve develop pace that manner.
  5. Supplements – Mid to Late game, the best level Grow Boost will prevent cash by lowering sturdiness loss on Pots and Components.
  6. Strain – To maximize income, develop the latest pressure you could have unlocked at all times.
  7. Mold – Mold reduces the standard of a plant the longer it’s rising, whereas contaminated. If you allow your vegetation unharvested, it should have a lot larger probability of getting moldy. It also can unfold from plant to plant. Use prevention, or remedy mildew if it pops up. If you harvest the plant, whereas it nonetheless has mildew, it is high quality might be drastically decreased than for those who remedy it, which might deliver down your high quality common and decrease your gross sales worth per gram.
  8. Spider Mites – Spider Mites will decelerate and finally cease your vegetation from rising. You can forestall it by utilizing dietary supplements, or you can remedy it after your vegetation is affected. It will unfold from plant to plant if left untreated.
  9. Russet Mites – Russet Mites will cease your plant from rising and begin lowering its yield till they’re cured. They might be prevented with dietary supplements, however, are unaffected by the protections provided by Ventilation. Russet mites solely afflict vegetation level 3 and up.
  10. Quality – Quality now begins at 50% as an alternative of 100%. At 50%, you’ll obtain full retail worth, for those who improve your high quality, you’re going to get a bonus when promoting Flower/Packages as much as 15% at 100% weed high quality. You additionally acquire an XP increase for harvesting larger high-quality weeds, scaling as much as 2.5x at 100% high quality.


Quality results in how much your buyer can pay for your flower and packaged merchandise in the store.