Karryn’s Prison – 100% Full Achievement Guide

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A list of all Karryn’s Prison game achievements, their requirements, and some tips on getting them.

Karryn’s Prison - 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Story & Ending Achievements

These are mostly self-explanatory.

Time to clean this place up!!

  • Finish the Prologue.

No Country For Old Orcs

  • Defeat the Level 1 Boss.

Rewards title Orc Slayer.

Slimy and the Brain

  • Defeat the Level 2 Boss.

Rewards title Monster Slayer.

The True Alpha of Fort Ganon

  • Defeat the Level 3 Boss.

Rewards title Alpha Slayer.

The Mountain That Walks

  • Defeat the Level 4 Boss.

Rewards title Giant Slayer.

The word incapable does not exist anywhere in my personal records!!!

  • Defeat the Final Boss.

Rewards title Captain Slayer.

A New Chapter

  • Reach 0 Order.

Rewards title A Disappointment.

There are four variants:

  • B: corruption >= 30
  • C: level 5 in anarchy and lost to Gobriel at least once
  • D: have level 3 edict “Riot Suppression Training for Guards.”
  • A: default if none of the above are met

Happy Life

  • Reach the H. Ending.

Rewards title Technically Virgin Bride or Pure White Stained Bride.

Fulfilled Promise

  • Reach the E. Ending.

Rewards title Holy Empress.

Beat the Game with…

For the first 5, make sure to get the edicts that increase growth for that stat, and try to stick to the associated skills.


Overwhelming Power is King!

  • Beat the game with Strength Levels higher than all other states by 15 or more.

Fits well with a combat-focused S build.

  • Edicts: Strength Training 1-5, [Earrings] Tear
  • Skills: (Head) Strike, Slam, C*ck Kick
  • Titles: Discipline of Strength, Doctrine of Strength, Subjugates Through Brute Feet

Technique is Supreme

  • Beat the game with Dexterity Levels higher than all other states by 15 or more.

Fits with a counterattack build or a more s*x-focused S build.

  • Edicts: Dexterity Training 1-5, [Earrings] Lioness
  • Skills: (Arm) Slash, Cleave, Counterattacks, Counter Stance, most s*x skills
  • Titles: Discipline of Dexterity, Doctrine of Dexterity, Titty F*ck Savant

First Strike = Victory

  • Beat the game with Agility Levels higher than all other states by 15 or more.
  • Edicts: Agility Training 1-5, [Earrings] Cheetah
  • Skills: (Leg) Thrust, Skewer, Evade, Cautious Stance
  • Titles: Discipline of Agility, Doctrine of Agility, Like a Bird, Like a Dancer, Light as a Feather

The best Offense is a Strong Defense

  • Beat the game with Endurance Levels higher than all other states by 15 or more.

Fits well with an S*x-only M build.

  • Edicts: Endurance Training 1-5, [Earrings] Heart
  • Skills: Taking Pleasure Damage, Taking Hits, Swallow/Creampie (, Defensive Stance)
  • Titles: Discipline of Endurance, Doctrine of Endurance, Freeloading Drunk, Softcore Masochist, Kinky Masochist

Warp Reality with Iron Will

  • Beat the game with Mind Levels higher than all other states by 15 or more.
  • Edicts: Mind Training 1-5
  • Skills: Suppress/Release Desire, Ki, Focus, Healing Thoughts, Mind over Matter, See/Hear/Speak No Evil, Resist Orgasm, Reality Marble, Eye of the Mind, etc
  • Titles: Discipline of Mind, Doctrine of Mind, Grand Order

I’m sorry for being a masochist

  • Beat the game with 12 or more levels of Masochism over Sadism.

Things that give masochism:

  • Talking Orgasms
  • Get spanked A lot
  • Get defeated A lot (see any defeat scene)
  • Get knockdown from no stamina.
  • Get tripped
  • Eat a lot of different people’s asses.
  • Karryn using Rimjob.
  • Karryn was used as a Urinal (defeat 2)
  • Karryn f*cked While Tied. (defeat 3)
  • Karryn f*cked in the pillory. (defeat 4)
  • Karryn is sucking on fingers.
  • Karryn getting Facialed.
  • Start with 2 At Character Creation.

Call me your Queen!

  • Beat the game with 10 or more levels of Sadism over Masochism.

Things that give Sadism:

  • Defeat Erect Enemies
  • Kick em in the D*ck
  • 100% Cockiness
  • Karryn Using Handjobs
  • Karryn Using Titjobs
  • Karryn using P*ssy S*x
  • Giving enough people Footjobs, no matter who uses it.
  • Karryn Using Footjob specifically.
  • Make them C*m on the Floor
  • Start with 2 at Character Creation

Pure Run for Holy Empress/ Your Imperial Majesty/ Hero’s Guidelines & Incorruptible Pillar

Your Imperial Majesty

  • Save first kiss and both V-cards for the Emperor in the Empress End.

Incorruptible Pillar

  • Beat the game with no Corruption built up.

Pretty much all corruption comes from edicts. Notably, everything on the Shopping page gives corruption and all edicts that unlock side jobs.

Free Play Time♥

  • Beat the game with 400 S. Levels.


Queen of Fighters

  • Beat the game with the Prisoner Fighter title equipped all games since Level 1 on Warden or Prisoner Mode without any game overs.

Rewards Queen of Fighters (warden) or Ultimate Fighter (prisoner) title.

Ultimate Imperial Secretary

  • Beat the game in the first playthrough of a newly created save file with Emperor’s Secretary equipped with all games on Warden or Prisoner Mode without any game overs.

Rewards Imperial Lady (warden) or Pride of the Empire (prisoner) title.

Note that this has to be a new save; NG is not allowed.


  • Beat the game with the A Disappointment title equipped all games since Level 1 on Warden or Prisoner Mode without any game overs.

Rewards Redeemed (warden) or Author of a Success Story (prisoner) title.

Speed Run

  • Beat the game in the first playthrough of a freshly created new save file within 50 Days on Warden or Prisoner Mode without any game overs.

Note that this has to be a new save; NG is not allowed.


Well, this is easy.

  • Enact an Edict.

Oh god……

  • Obtain over ten Passives from a single battle.

Pretty easy to get if you go slut mode.

I won’t give up!

  • Experience Defeat.

When you reach zero stamina & energy.

The goddess of victory now walks among you!!

  • Reach 100 Cockiness.

You will get this if you keep winning battles.

My First Kiss…

  • Give the first kiss to someone from the prison on their lips.

You will probably get this if you get defeated a few times and don’t lower your mouth desire.

Welcome to Fort Ganon… MMM!

  • Give a first kiss to an outside visitor on their lips.

Be a lewd receptionist.

Sleepy Beauty

  • Give the first kiss to a man’s front area.

Probably safest to get this in the reception as you have more control over rejecting kisses. You can also use accessories that increase the desired requirement for kissing/lower it for bj.

Beauty and the Beast Hole

  • Give a first kiss to a man’s rear area.

Rogues like to do this. You can use accessories that increase the desired requirement for kissing.

Unconventional Development

  • Lose back V-card first before front V-card.

Keep pssy desire below 100 until the back V-card is taken.

I’m not impressed, trash!

  • Taunt an enemy.

Taunt is unlocked by the Confident Warden passive (subdue 25 enemies).

Don’t Collect, Go Directly To Jail

  • Get bankrupted.

Finally, some good food.

  • Eat an artisan meal.

Unlocking the artisanal meal requires subjugating level 2 and unlocking the following edicts: Repair Research, Research: Prison Audit, Repair Dishwashing, Hire Dishwashers, Repair Kitchen and Mess Hall, Upgrade Kitchen Equipments, Repair Staff Lounge, Hire Chef, and finally Artisanal Meal for Chief Warden.

And stay down!

  • Subdue a riot.

Orderly Prison

  • Have 100 Order at the end of the day.

I look banging, right?

  • Have five Accessories equipped

You need 69 Charm to equip the 5th one.


  • Finish over 30 waitress side job shifts.

T-This is Karryn s-speaking…!!

  • Suddenly accidentally screamed loudly into the radio during the receptionist’s side job.

I only came here to rest…

  • Have over twenty people served in the bathroom in one day.

I’m quite good at dancing.♪

  • Reach Dance Combo of 10 or higher in the stripper side job.

Now to find time to read them all

  • Collect all four volumes of Hero’s Guidelines.

You can only get these with a low S. level (1 after beating each of floors 1-4)

Night of the Living Inmates

  • Beat Endless Prison Wave 15 on Prisoner Mode.

Dante’s Inferno

  • Beat Endless Hell Wave 9 on Prisoner Mode.

Is this actually helpful?

  • Read Yasu’s Note.


  • Pet the Talking Cat.

*Chuckles* I’m in danger

  • Fight a Wanted enemy with a red name.

Poor Janitor

  • Leave a white mess all over the floor.

You sure that’s enough Titles?

  • Known by 72 different names.